Matt Damon’s Ponytail Gets Much-Needed Publicity

Matt Damon enthusiasts all over lost their minds when the actor was spotted with a ponytail, or for the hipster crowd, a man-bun. Was this a mid-life crisis? Was Damon just trying to be hip?

Many took to Twitter to air out their feelings on Damon’s ponytail. Some praised the actor, while others questioned his sanity.

For those not in the know, this is what Matt Damon’s ponytail looked like when he debuted it over the summer.

As it turns out, this ponytail was one big fraud. Matt Damon attended the Graham Norton Show to promote his new film, The Martian. During the segment, the hoopla over Matt’s ponytail was brought up rather comically. Damon then revealed, to the dismay or relief of many, that his ponytail wasn’t his real hair. Instead, these were extensions that he used for the film The Great Wall, which he was making in China at the time.

Apparently, Damon said the process of putting the fake man-bun in wasn’t easy at all. The whole ordeal took “a full day” for production to put in. That’s not all, as production had to fly in a stylist from the United States to Beijing to put the extensions in while he was shooting the film. This was the first time Damon had long hair, and the actor said, showing off the man-bun, and filming with it gave him “a whole new appreciation” for his wife and daughters and their own hair stylings. Damon admitted, “It’s very hard to do!”

Throughout his career, Damon has kept his private life out of the public, and very rarely mentions his wife, Lucy, who he just had celebrated a 10-year anniversary with. That said, during his promotion for The Martian, Damon’s down-to-earth average family man vibe was at the center of a few profiles about the action star.

During an interview with USA Today, the actor turned family man discussed his daughters and how much they’ve grown up.

“My oldest daughter just got her license yesterday. She would drive last year just to school every morning. We’d get in the car and drive.”

While Damon has managed to successfully keep his family out of the tabloids, friend and like-minded buddy Ben Affleck has not been able to. The difference between the two is sheer luck. Damon attributes his lack of media attention on the fact that he’s not “exciting.” Affleck’s narrative was already entertainment fodder prior to starting a family with his now-estranged wife, Jennifer Garner. While Damon doesn’t directly address Affleck’s public life, he does openly speak about his own luck in dodging the paparazzi.

“I attribute a lot of it to luck. [Paparazzi] shoot me every day coming out of the gym. [But] married guy with kids, it’s not that exciting.”

While it seems like Damon can really do it all, the father of four admitted that his wife Lucy really does the brunt of the work around the house. He went on to say that he’s essentially “useless” when it comes to hitting nails and chores.

At least he can pull off a fashionable ponytail.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]