‘Deadwood’ Movie Rumours: ‘Deadwood’ Fans May Finally Get Some Closure If Movie Plans Go Ahead

Deadwood, an American Western TV series that began in 2004, left fans heartbroken when it was cancelled after only three twelve-episode seasons.

The cancellation came as a shock to many viewers, who were starting to feel connected to the characters and who simply assumed that a fourth season would be forthcoming. As TV Series Finale noted, Deadwood was never officially cancelled, rather the network decided not to renew Deadwood‘s casts options, so the actors were free to move on to other projects.

Deadwood fans were up in arms, with several attempts initiated, including the (now-defunct) “Save Deadwood” website, as well as an initiative calling for all HBO subscribers to cancel their paid subscriptions after the final episode of Deadwood had been aired. In addition, a fundraising initiative was commenced to fund advertisements in Variety, calling for the season to be continued.

Of course, all of these attempts were in vain, and Deadwood remained as cancelled as it ever was.

As the LA Times reported, David Milch, the creator of Deadwood, was as baffled as Deadwood diehard fans were as to the reasons for the show’s discontinuation.

“I am deeply disappointed by the way things turned out. But HBO executives felt like they had to make a choice. And this is how they chose… I know they tried to work it out, and I tried to work it out with them.”

In brigher news for Deadwood fans, rumours are circulating that HBO is in “preliminary conversations” about creating a one-off Deadwood movie to finally give Deadwood fans the closure that they’ve been waiting more than a decade for, the Guardian reported.

Garret Dillahunt, who played not one but two distinct roles in Deadwood, posted a tweet last month that he was hearing “credible rumours about a Deadwood movie.”

He later tweeted again, urging HBO to go ahead with the Deadwood movie project.

(In case you were wondering about Garret Dillahunt’s two roles on Deadwood, he played Jack McCall, who assassinated Wild Bill Hickok in Season 1, and later went on to play Francis Walcott, who murdered a prostitute in Season 2, Mental Floss noted.)

HBO released an official statement to the Hollywood Reporter in response to Garret Dillahunt’s tweets.

“In reference to Garret Dillahunt’s tweet regarding the rumored Deadwood movie, there have only been very preliminary conversations.”

As the Guardian noted, the fact that HBO responded to the rumour at all shows that there is at least some hope that Deadwood fans may finally get what they have been waiting for: closure to the various storylines that were left hanging by the sudden drop off of Deadwood after the third season.

In contrast to the Sons of Anarchy prequel movie rumours, for which no official comments have been made, it seems that there may be some substance to the Deadwood movie rumour after all.

HBO is no stranger to bringing back defunct TV series as movies, with two Sex and the City spin-off movies previously released in 2008 and 2010, along with the Entourage film in 2015, which Garret Dillahunt referred to in his second tweet above.

Deadwood fans will just have to wait to see if HBO has anything further to say on the topic. But after waiting more than a decade already, it’s fair to say that Deadwood fans are getting pretty good at the waiting game by now.

And in the immortal words of Homer Simpson: “The waiting game sucks. Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!”

[Photo: Title screen for HBO’s Deadwood / http://dvdtimes.co.uk]