Dana Loesch NRA Video Edited To Show Gun Rights Activist Shooting Herself In The Head

A Dana Loesch NRA video advertisement for the Second Amendment was altered to make it appear as though the gun rights activist is shooting herself in the head with a handgun.

The Dana Loesch video says, “I’m a mom, and just like millions of other women, that’s why I own guns.”

After gun control activists reportedly altered the NRA video, Loesch took to social media to share her thoughts on the matter.

“Great. Now anti-gun ‪#‎MomsDemand‬ fans are making videos about killing me. https://twitter.com/TomAdelsbach/status/648182043474530304‪#‎gunsense‬‪#‎2A‬
Thanks for proving my point of why I carry and fight for that right. I receive legitimate threats on my life routinely. **UPDATE: I just donated to the NRA in the name of every anti-gun advocate who promoted that murder fetish video made of me. Glad I have the ability to use their hate to fund the fight for our #2A rights.”

The link to the Twitter account of Tom Adelsbach, which Loesch referenced in her post, no longer exists, the Blaze reports. Loesch said that she contacted the FBI about the edited video threat. Adelsbach’s Twitter handle was reportedly “Pin Head.”

“Dana Loesch’s new promotional video for the #NRA ‘backfires’ on her,” read the tweet posted from the Adelsbach account before the Loesch video re-imaging was shared.

“I’ve had multiple death threats, a murder video, and more all sent to me on my birthday! Why? Because I’m a law-abiding, gun-owning mom. Thanks for letting me use you to show the world who you are, anti-gun lobby,” the NRA activist posted on her website, Dana Loesch Radio.

Dana Loesch is the author of Hands Off My Gun and hosts an award-winning syndicated radio show – The Dana Show: The Conservative Alternative on Radio America. The shows airs daily between 1 and 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Loesch is also the host of DANA on The Blaze TV each weekday at 6 p.m.

The Second Amendment rights activist expanded upon her thoughts about the NRA video edit on her website.

“This past spring I volunteered to cut an ad for the NRA in defense of Second Amendment rights. It has already had a profound effect. Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand group spent days attacking my appearance (as opposed to intellectual debate); a guy in Illinois who may or may not be this guy made a video of me being shot in the face, another guy threatened to beat me up because “I hide behind guns”; another told me I should be ‘aborted.'”

“These people are the faces of the anti-gun lobby. I have never met an anti-gun advocate who didn’t also seem incredibly violent,” Loesch added. “In fact, every threat against myself or my family that I have ever received has been from anti-gun advocates.”

Loesch’s donations to the NRA in the name of all those who sent her hate tweets sparked similar donations from the public. A spike in membership to the gun rights group was also reportedly sparked by Dana’s response to the Twitter video posting.

What do you think about the original Dana Loesch NRA video and the gun control editing of the Second Amendment advertisement?

[Image via Screengrab/Twitter]