Gwen Stefani's Divorce Gets Nasty: Gavin Rossdale Wants Half Her Fortune

Things are starting to get really messy for Gwen Stefani of The Voice. Gavin Rossdale is not going to let her get off easy on this one. Radar Online has shared that six weeks after Gwen has filed for divorce, Gavin is now saying he wants half of her fortune. It doesn't matter when she earned the money, but he actually wants millions. The thing is that Gwen and Gavin did not have a prenup when they tied the knot, so she did not protect herself at all. An insider says that Gwen is really regretting that decision now, but obviously, it is too late.

This insider went on to tell Radar Online all the details. Gwen and Gavin have three sons together. When they got married, Gavin said that he wouldn't fight her for her money, but now an insider is revealing that is not the case. Of course, going into their marriage, Gwen and Gavin never knew that things would end up falling part.

"Gavin is now demanding more than half of her fortune. He has complained that while Gwen was launching her successful clothing line, continuing her music career, and expanding her brand by appearing as a judge on The Voice, he stayed home with their sons."
If Gwen doesn't give in and give him what he wants, Rossdale is ready for a fight. He has plans to take her to trial and fight to make Gwen pay him spousal support and, of course, child support on their three children. This marriage is not going to end pretty like the one for her fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton did, but he actually had a prenup and didn't have children to fight about with his now ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. Gwen is probably wishing she had done the same.

Gwen Stefani of 'The Voice'

Gwen Stefani is said to be worth $120 million. Gavin Rossdale is famous as well, but he is not near as famous as his wife, and is only worth $20 million. Gwen Stefani is going to fight him the entire way, though. Rossdale has moved out of their home, but it doesn't look like their divorce will be over with soon. It could take a long time, considering they will be going to court and dragging it all out. Gwen may end up having to take a deal so that they can get done with the divorce faster and not continue to drag it out. No news yet on what her plan is about the fight Gavin has started.

People recently shared that even though Gwen Stefani is working hard on The Voice, she is still finding time to be with her boys. On Saturday, Stefani went to Galbani Cheese Italian Feast of San Gennaro with her three sons, Kingston, 9, Zuma, 7 and Apollo, 18 months. The kids enjoyed playing the bouncy house while mom Gwen Stefani watched them. She also shared a photo of her oldest son rocking her sunglasses.

The family grabbed pizza at Rocco's Pizza. Gwen Stefani also spent time listening to music with her kids while at the event. Stefani did share a photo with a male friend at the event, but it doesn't look like he is more than just a friend. Of course, it won't take Gwen Stefani long to find love once she is ready to get back on the market again.

Are you shocked to hear that Gavin Rossdale is fighting Gwen Stefani for half her fortune after their divorce? Sounds off on your thoughts in the comments and don't miss watching Gwen on The Voice on NBC. The new season just started airing this week, and Gwen is picking up her team during blind auditions right now.

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