Bindi Irwin Gets Visit From Boyfriend At ‘DWTS’ Studio, While Partner Derek Hough Is Thrilled To See His Grandma

Bindi Irwin and Dancing with the Stars partner Derek Hough have been busy practicing for their upcoming dances for Monday night. However, they both got quite a welcome relief from working hard in the dance studio. Two very special people in their lives paid them a visit.

According to E! News, the Australian teen had her boyfriend, Chandler Powell, stop by on Sunday afternoon to spend some time with her. They reunited, and it sure sounds like Bindi is so excited about having the wakeboarder there for support. The 17-year-old even got some cuddling in with her beau as she posted a sweet message to him.

“He’s here. Thank you for always making me laugh, helping me to ice my foot when it hurts, making me tea and hugging me when I’m tired. You’re amazing.”

Powell hasn’t been around since Irwin made her debut on the dance floor with her pro partner on DWTS, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had her back during this time. It may be that Derek just wanted Bindi not to be distracted too much, so that she could get used to how it all works in rehearsals and on the show.

Derek Hough was also able to spend some time with a special gal in his life. The blond dancer had his grandmother show up on Saturday and, as the photos show on the Daily Mail, he was quite happy to see her. Hough picked her off the ground like he does with one of his dance partners. You can tell that they have a great relationship.

The 30-year-old pro dancer also got himself a brand new toy, or at least was playing around with someone else’s toy. As seen in one of the photos, he is gliding around on a new hover board outside of the dance studio. He looks like he is a pro at that as well as dancing. Maybe he will incorporate that contraption into one of his dances with Bindi Irwin.

Bindi and Derek seem to have a great relationship.

In addition to Derek and Bindi getting visits from loved ones, Mark Ballas had a certain someone from his Dancing with the Stars past that popped in for a visit. Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson was seen hanging out at a restaurant with Ballas and his girlfriend, BC Jean, on Saturday. Mark has become close friends with Sadie and the whole Robertson clan since they were paired together on Season 19. In fact, the pro dancer has spent some time with the family at their Louisiana home and was even seen attending the wedding festivities of John Luke and Mary Kate Robertson.

Bindi and Derek have been training for their next special dance. Last week, they rocked out to AC/DC and earned the first nine of the season. This week will be interesting, as they will be dancing the Quickstep to The Jeffersons’ theme song. It is also exciting for the wildlife enthusiast with Chandler hopefully looking on in the audience this week.

Bindi Irwin also has her mom, Teri, and little brother, Robert, there for support. She has expressed just how much she misses her dad, Steve Irwin, since he died in a tragic accident when she was just a young girl. But she has taken the opportunity to celebrate his life in both her work with wild animals, as well as in her dancing on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Bindi Irwin has her family's support.

She is doing really well and is now considered a front runner to win that mirror ball trophy that all of the contestants have their eye on. This would be Derek Hough’s sixth win if that should happen.

Are you voting for Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough this season of Dancing with the Stars?

[Photo courtesy of Araya Diaz / Getty Images and Handout]