Ronnie Pickering: The Man Who Shot To Internet Infamy After Diva-Like Road Rage Rant [Video]

Have you ever heard of Ronnie Pickering? If you haven’t, now would be a good time to know about him.

Ronnie Pickering is the name of a car driver who has shot to fame on the internet for using cuss words with such finesse that even the most ill-tempered people might feel embarrassed by his antics. Hailing from Yorkshire, England, Ronnie did not know that he was about to become an internet celebrity when he went out for a drive with his wife in his red Citeron last week. But then he did.

Running into a scooter driver at a traffic signal, Ronnie shouted out at the man, telling him to move away and not block his side-view. Even after the guy riding the scooter complied to his wishes, however, Pickering followed him down a lane and went on to deliver a tirade that was to make him an internet celebrity before he knew it.

All this while, the man riding the scooter had a camera attached to his helmet, which recorded the entire incident that has made Ronnie an internet celebrity within a few hours of the video being uploaded on YouTube. At the time of writing, Pickering’s road rage rant has garnered more than 311,000 views on YouTube, with #ronniepickering doing the rounds on Twitter.

In the video, when Pickering asks the man on the scooter, “Do you know who I am?” The man replies that he does not. “I am Ronnie Pickering,” he shouts, expecting the other guy to know him. Now Ronnie would be pleased to know that the internet finally knows him.

According to Metro, the viral video was first uploaded on Reddit last week with the caption, “Do you know who I am?” While nobody can really claim to know who Pickering is (except if his friends do so), Reddit users have seen the funny side of the incident, though many among them have been severe in their criticism of Ronnie’s unwarranted tirade against the scooter driver. Some have even gone on to suggest that the video is an epitome of British road rage incidents, where car drivers tend to be more sporadic and baseless in their accusations against fellow drivers.

One guy wrote in response to the video, “Never before has a Citroen Picasso driver been more intimidating.”

While another one quipped, “I love his wife’s reaction. Realizing the mistake she made 15 years ago picking him.”

Though several media outlets have attempted to contact Ronnie Pickering, he has remained unavailable to comment in the week after the incident.

Ronnie goes on a rant. (Photo: Metro)

This is not the first time that a video of a British man shouting his lungs out in a case of road rage has gone viral on the internet. In August, the Inquisitr reported about a livid car driver who went on an expletive-ridden tirade against a cyclist, only to find himself lying face down on the pavement by the end of it.

Ronnie Pickering is one of the many road rage ranters that we see on the streets, and while not all of them shoot to internet infamy the way he has, we can at least hope that internet has taught him a lesson Pickering will never forget.

[Photo via YouTube & Metro]