Tamra Barney Wishes Meghan King Edmonds A Happy Birthday, Calls ‘Real Housewives’ Co-Star An ‘Old Lady’

Tamra Barney shared a special message with Meghan King Edmonds on her birthday. As the Real Housewives of Orange County’s newest cast member turned 31, Tamra Barney called her an “old lady” and appeared to poke fun at Vicki Gunvalson’s claims against her.

“Happy Birthday @meghankedmonds You can’t be called a 30 year old anymore. Ya old lady,” Tamra Barney wrote.

During the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney’s co-star Gunvalson spoke of the then-30-year-old’s age and Edmonds took aim at her, as well, claiming she was an “old woman” bitter at the world. Still, it’s unclear if Tamra Barney’s Instagram post on September 26 was a dig at Gunvalson, with whom she’s been rumored to be on the outs due to her friendship with Edmonds and her failure to defend Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers.

Last week, a source claimed to Radar Online that Gunvalson gave Tamra Barney the boot from her life after reportedly committing the “ultimate betrayal” of their friendship.

“Vicki isn’t talking to [Tamra Barney] and is vowing to cut her out of her life for good this time. Vicki had been willing to give [Tamra Barney] another chance after all of the divorce drama with ex-husband, Simon Barney, but this was the final straw.”

Tamra Barney and Gunvalson were once close friends, but during the last couple of seasons, their relationship has been strained. After Tamra Barney began questioning Ayers’ cancer diagnosis on the show, Gunvalson accused her of not being a friend.

“[Tamra Barney] went behind Vicki’s back for months betraying her confidence about Brooks’ cancer. Even though Vicki and Brooks are no longer together, she can’t forgive Tamra for this ultimate betrayal. There is no coming back for Vicki and [Tamra Barney]. Their relationship was already on a very fragile ground, and this was the nail in the coffin.”

While the report seemed plausible, especially considering Tamra Barney’s closeness with Edmonds, who has bashed Gunvalson all season long and made claims that Ayers is faking cancer, Gunvalson shot down the report during an interview with Real Mr. Housewife.

“There is no truth to this report.”

Still, as fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County have seen on the show, Gunvalson and Tamra Barney’s friendship doesn’t exactly seem to be thriving.

During a recent episode, the two women were seen sitting down to discuss Ayers’ cancer, as well as Edmonds’ claims and actions against him. During their chat, Tamra Barney admitted to having questions about Ayers’ diagnosis and treatment. She also revealed she discovered news of Edmonds having contacted his ex-girlfriend the previous day, which didn’t sit well with Gunvalson. According to Gunvalson, Tamra Barney should have had her back at that point and called out Edmonds for going too far, but she did not.

Since filming on The Real Housewives of Orange County wrapped filming months ago, Tamra Barney doesn’t appear to have spent any time with Gunvalson while she recently visited Edmonds in St. Louis. During Tamra Barney’s trip, she shared a handful of photos on social media of both her and Edmonds, and often, she received backlash due to her alleged lack of loyalty to Gunvalson from fans. Because Tamra Barney has been friends with Gunvalson for years and only known Edmonds for months, fans haven’t taken well to her new friendship with Edmonds. However, judging by her ongoing relationship with Edmonds, Tamra Barney doesn’t seem to mind.

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