NASA: Mars Mystery Solved? Major Discovery Announcement Expected Later Today

NASA’s Mars Mystery could finally be solved! Does that mean there could be life sustained outside of our big blue Planet? The scientific community is waiting to hear what NASA’s latest news is.

According to CBS News, NASA sent the scientific community into a frenzy Friday after releasing a questioning tweet, suggesting that a Mars mystery could be solved after years of speculation.

So what exactly is the Mars mystery? The simplest answer is that there are many mysteries surrounding the red planet, many questions that have been asked over the years. Is there life on Mars? Is there running water? Could life be sustained on the red planet given its extreme conditions? There is no one solid big mystery that NASA is out to solve, so what could they have meant by their message?

According to CNN, it is believed that NASA’s big announcement scheduled for later this morning has nothing to do with aliens or other clear indication of any life found on the planet. Instead, it is believed that scientists may have some form of confirmation of periodically flowing water on the planet’s surface.

On Saturday, NASA sent out another tweet, this time saying “Mars is a mysterious world,” and directing those interested in finding out more to their website, NASA TV, where a “major science finding” is set to be announced around 11:30 a.m. EST.

CBS News science contributor and City College of New York physics professor Michio Kaku stated that, if water has indeed been found on the surface of Mars, then it could change everything when it comes to the idea of life on Mars.

“It means that this liquid water can be used for perhaps, irrigation, drinking water, and even rocket fuel.”

In reality, it’s not a big surprise to find water on Mars. NASA has known for many years that water existed on the planet, but it was mainly trapped beneath the surface, according to CBS. Then there were the photographs taken by the unmanned rover, Curiosity. Photos from the rover are constantly taken and sent back to NASA for further investigation, and there have been many photos that led scientists to believe that water, at some point, ran freely on the planet’s surface. Photos showing structures that resembled riverbeds fueled scientific searches to see what other secrets the planet may hold.

The Echus Chasma, believed to be one of the largest water source regions on Mars. (Photo by ESA via Getty Images)

So, would this discovery of free flowing water mean that life could exist on Mars? The possibilities are endless. Could life exist on Mars? Or maybe did life once exist on Mars? If today’s announcement from NASA does, indeed, reveal the fact that free-flowing water has been found on the planet, then this is only the beginning of a whole new search for answers.

Former Astronaut Mike Massimino reportedly told ABC News that whatever the Mars mystery that may have been solved, it is sure to piqué more of an interest into going to the planet in order to do more hands-on research. If the announcement is indeed about finding water on Mars, then Massimino believes it could have great significance.

“That there is some sort of life form that might be discovered, and it’s also the possibility that you could support human life there.”

NASA is expected to release a statement around 11:30 a.m. EST, and while most believe the announcement to be about water on Mars, that hasn’t kept the imagination of thousands from running wild. From little green men on Mars to the idea of sustaining human life on the planet, the possibilities are endless.

Stay with the Inquisitr as more information on NASA’s Mars mystery becomes available.

Hubble Telescope Offers Beautiful View Of Mars (Photo by NASA/Getty Images)

[Photo by NASA / Arizona State University via Getty Images]