Miko Grimes Leaves Jail: Brent Grimes Not Told Of Arrest Until After Dolphins Game [Video]

Miko Grimes was a lot less talkative upon leaving jail than during her arrest. Previously, Miko had been arrested and could be seen on the ground screaming at cops who had Brent Grimes’s wife face down. Witnesses claim that Miko ignored the instructions from police not to enter a designated area that was blocked off by barricades. After a few warnings, Miko was arrested and charged with several serious crimes due to reportedly head-butting a cop and resisting arrest with violence. Mike was also charged with disorderly conduct.

As reported by NBC Miami, Miko can be seen walking silently out of jail, still dressed in her #21 Grimes jersey. Miko has her hands behind her back as she walks out, leaving one to wonder if Miko is still wearing handcuffs. She isn’t, however, as is later seen when Miko tries to open the car door. The raw video of Miko leaving the Miami-Dade correctional facility was apparently filmed sometime during the night after bond was posted for Miko to leave jail.

Miko’s hair is still braided, and she seems flash a slight smile when the reporter asks Miko if alcohol was involved in her arrest. Miko doesn’t answer any of the reporter’s questions to tell her side of the story, and she tries to open the locked car door. The person behind the wheel at the driver’s side eventually opens the car door, and Miko gets inside without saying a word. It’s a much different picture of the usually verbal and outspoken wife of the Miami Dolphins cornerback Brent.

According to the Miami Herald, Brent wasn’t told about Miko’s arrest until after the game was done. That was likely done in order to keep Brent’s head in the game and not off the field. However, the Dolphins still lost to the Buffalo Bills anyway. It is unclear when the exact time of Miko’s arrest occurred, with varying reports saying Miko was arrested before the game, while other reports say Miko was arrested prior to the game ending. Either way, Brent was not talking to reporters about Miko’s arrest after the game or in any post-game interview.

Miko is no stranger to controversy. Her Twitter account @iHeartMiko has previously featured Miko going off on a rant that charged the NFL with a lack of caring regarding domestic violence. Miko also charged the NFL with not giving Brent the Pro Bowl MVP award.

After her arrest, Miko said that her right knee and her arm were injured during the arrest with the cops that has been seen by many in the now viral videos of the incident making their way online. Although Miko has yet to address the arrest on Twitter, those who’ve witnessed Grimes’ actions in the past expect Miko to address what really happened from her perspective any minute now, unless she’s been instructed to remain silent about the arrest and actually follows that edict.

Miko’s Instagram account has also yet to talk about her charges of disorderly conduct, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest with violence. Another outlet for Miko is her blog, called Meeks Logic, which hasn’t yet published her thoughts on her arrest — but whose tagline charges folks not to believe everything they hear and see.

“Believe None Of What You Hear, And Only Half Of What You See.”

After Miko was handcuffed during her arrest, she was placed in a police golf cart and transported to a police station to be treated for her injuries. Miko was called combative by the authorities who arrested the now-infamous wife of Brent.

[Images via YouTube/NBC Miami]