‘General Hospital’ Speculations: Sam And Jason Renew Their Wedding Vows, Will Jake Remember Getting Married?

It is getting closer to the big Jason reveal on General Hospital, and all of the things that are leading up to it will either have JaSam fans rejoicing, or Liason fans upset with the whole thing. On Friday’s episode, Sam Morgan admitted to Jake that she is holding out hope that Jason could still be alive. Little does she know that he is sitting right in front of her, and they may just be renewing their vows soon.

According to a sneak peek posted by ABC, it looks like Sam and Jason will renew their wedding vows on their fourth wedding anniversary at the same restaurant where they got married at. It seems that Mrs. Yi, Noodle Buddha’s owner and who is pretty much blind, is quite certain that Jake is really Jason, and she insists that her grandson, Robert, bless them and have them renew their vows to each other.

The Dragon and the Phoenix.

Sam asks Jake whether Elizabeth would be uncomfortable with them going through it, since Jake is already engaged to Liz. Jake is pretty sure that she would be okay with helping a little old lady out. It is doubtful that his fiancé would want him anywhere near Sam, or anything that could possibly trigger his memory of being Sam’s lawfully wedded husband.

Elizabeth is in the first stages of planning her November 6 wedding to Jake, even though she knows very well that he is Jason Morgan and already married. Many General Hospital fans think that that day will be the big reveal when somehow Jason, and everyone in Port Charles, will find out that she has been keeping her secret all this time. It will eventually blow up in her face and she, and Nikolas Cassadine, will have to deal with the wrath that will be coming their way.

Will Sam really go through with renewing her wedding vows with Jake/Jason? It looks like it is heading that way watching the sneak peek. However, she may just pull back, thinking that she is being unfaithful to Jason. Or it could be that Jake will have some memories of his wedding day come flooding back to him and will pull back because of them. The other scenario is that Sam and Jake do indeed renew their vows with no drama, and go back to their own lives until November sweeps happen.

Will Sam finally realize it is Jason?

Many General Hospital fans have been weighing in on this story line. There has always been a division between Elizabeth and Jason (Liason) fans and Sam and Jason (JaSam) fans, and this whole Jason Morgan secret certainly has them vocalizing their opinions, as seen in the comments on Michael Fairman On Air Soaps. There is also the fact that now that Billy Miller is in the role of Jason Morgan that actor Steve Burton used to have, he may be more suited for the Jason Quartermaine personality than the stone cold Jason Morgan.

While Sam and Jake are busy renewing their vows, the sneak peek also revealed that Carly and Sonny are at the hospital saying their own wedding vows for the fifth time. Carly made that decision to hastily marry Sonny instead of waiting until he was out of the hospital in an effort to gain some control over the custody battle over Avery. It looks like Elizabeth is there as a witness, as well. The General Hospital spoilers also say that Carly receives some terrifying news. Is it about Sonny’s condition? There is a rumor floating around that Sonny goes into a coma, so that could be what happens.

Will Sam and Jake/Jason really pledge their vows to each other this week on General Hospital? Will Jake remember their wedding four years ago?

Sound off your thoughts on how you think this will all play out.

[Photo by Frederick M Brown / Getty Images and YouTube screenshot]