June 29, 2017
Police Suspect Prank When Nicky Bacon Reports Piglet Missing From Farm

Police were a little suspicious when a UK woman named Nicky Bacon phoned to report a missing piglet from the farm where she is employed. She didn't think anything of it and was concerned as her boss was away on vacation at the time.

Nicky Bacon, 50, works at the Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol and was concerned when she discovered one of the piglets was missing that morning. As her boss was away, she immediately called the police to report the theft. She was initially confused when the police were suspicious of her call.

Admittedly, her surname is Bacon, which does sound a little suspicious when reporting a stolen pig, but she hadn't thought about her first name. "Nick" is an English slang term for stealing and this is what cemented the doubts in the police officer's mind. Apparently it also caused a lot of laughter in the police station.
"They were really suspicious. They said that both of my names had made them suspicious it was a hoax."

"Having the surname Bacon is funny but I hadn't even thought about my first name. It caused a lot of humor at the station."

According to the Bristol Post, it was shortly afterwards that Bacon received a visit from the police, questioning the name she had given on the report log about the missing piglet. They called on her to check her story, citing the name "Nicky Bacon" as an obvious prank.

However her name is indeed genuine, and while she wasn't expecting two police officers to turn up at her door, she understood their skepticism. Bacon said that after they realized this was a genuine report of a theft, the police officers immediately investigated the crime and went searching for the female piglet, apparently a cross between an Old Gloucester and a large white pig.

The pig was eventually found, safe and sound, and was returned to the farm. The man who stole her has been sentenced to four weeks in prison by Bristol Crown Court on a charge of handling stolen goods.

Simone Dougall, another representative of the Windmill Hill Farm with a less suspicious sounding name, said they were all shocked when the pig went missing and they had no idea where she could be.

"At first we didn't know if she was stolen or if she had just escaped. But from the look of how the pen was damaged we could tell that it was done deliberately by a human rather than an animal."
As reported by the Mirror Online, another employee at the farm, Lauren Duffield, said they really care about the animals at the farm and that it was likely that the piglet was very scared and missing its brothers and sisters. She added that they are "very sweet animals and very cute," but that they are in no way house trained and are not suitable as pets.

Nicky Bacon
Nicky Bacon was suspected of a prank when calling to report a missing piglet

According to Nicky Bacon, workers at the Windmill Hill Farm surmise that the piglet had been stolen as food. Dougall added this is reportedly quite common.

"After we reported the theft we heard from a number of farmers who had similar experiences of people stealing livestock to slaughter and use as food."
They were then very worried about getting the piglet back to the farm for its own safety and well being.

Dougall added that when the police officers returned the piglet, she could tell they had become quite attached to the cute little animal.

"It was quite comical - just seeing the little pig in this massive van, I think the police were quite attached."
All's well that ends well, and the piglet is now safe and sound with her brothers and sisters at the farm and Nicky Bacon, particularly, is relieved.

[Image: Featured photo CC BY-SA 2.0 Neil Turner - Piglets sleeping CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 drgillybean]