Brooks Ayers Medical Records to Be Revealed on 'RHOC'

Mandy Robinson

There has been a lot of talk about if Brooks Ayers of The Real Housewives of Orange County really has cancer or not. On a preview for this week's upcoming episode, Ayers actually shows everyone his documents from his doctors, which he says prove that the cancer is real. Everyone has been asking for Brooks Ayers to show these papers and now he is finally doing it. The Real Mr. Housewife actually paused the show and did everything he could to get a close up on Brooks' documents from his doctors. So do they really reveal that he really has cancer?

Several of the housewives do not believe that Brooks Ayers has cancer, but these documents really do make it look like that is the case. It says that he has a "large mass surrounding the celiac and superior mesentery vessels." This is related to lymphoma, which is the paperwork also says that Brooks Ayers has mildly enlarged lymph nodes. It even goes on to say that Brooks' medical history includes Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It also says that Brooks' "pancreas is displaced anteriorly by the mass."

Of course the women are going to argue with Brooks Ayers and say that he forged the documents or that they are not his at all. His name is actually on the papers, though, which will make it hard to prove that these are not Brooks actual medical records. It doesn't seem like he can do anything to convince them.

Brooks Ayers documents

Brooks Ayers actually spoke out not long ago to ET Online and shared with them that he really does have cancer. Ayers is denying that any claims that he has been faking it are not true at all. Brooks feels like the show manufactured drama about him and obviously it did work for them because people can't stop talking about Ayers and his cancer. This entire season has been about Brooks and his cancer battle.

Hollywood Take shared that Brooks Ayers cancer story has become a bit of an obsession for fans and also for the women on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan Edmonds went as far as to call the doctor's office and see if they really do PET scans. Of course they can't give her any information about Brooks specifically, but they can share if this kind of thing is something that they do at that office. Tamra Judge even shares that she is starting to feel like Brooks and Vicki might be playing them. At first, the women thought Brooks might be playing Vicki, but now it looks like they are starting to think she is on in on whatever is going on too.

Meghan has very strong feelings on Brooks' cancer battle due to recently losing her stepdaughter's mother to cancer. Edmonds even went as far as to dye her hair pink as a tribute to her. Because of this being so close to her, Meghan feels like she knows a lot about how cancer treatments work.

Meghan Edmonds

Spoilers are that Brooks Ayers handing over his medical records won't even win over Meghan Edmonds. She still feels like he is making up the cancer totally. Earlier this season, Meghan had a psychic tell her that Brooks Ayers didn't have cancer and ever since this came out she can't stop thinking that he is lying to everyone about the reality of what is going on. Brooks has also shared that he is not doing chemo anymore and instead is doing other treatments that worked for his doctor 11 years ago when he had the same type of cancer.

Don't miss the new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County on Monday September 28. This is when Brooks Ayers' medical records will be revealed. If he can't convince the women with this one, then it looks like there is no way to make everyone believe that Brooks actually has cancer. Do you feel like Brooks Ayers is telling the truth or lying for some reason? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Brooks' cancer situation.

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