Fetty Wap Continues To Break The Internet As He Updates Instagram On Condition [Breaking]

As most of the country know by now, Fetty Wap was in a nasty motorcycle accident on Saturday afternoon when he was hit off his motorcycle while trying to pass another vehicle. The rapper was rushed to the hospital in his home state of Patterson New Jersey, and soon, news reports came in that he was admitted and in stable condition. Fetty Wap immediately started trending, as his fans concerns grew and friends of the rapper updated the nation.

DJ Louie Styles had been the second to update, but the first to make a difference when he tweeted a picture of Fetty in the hospital with a spleen on his leg, saying that he’s “Gucci.”

The news helped calm the hysteria that the internet was undergoing – somewhat. #PrayForFetty was still trending on twitter as fans continued to carry the mantle of worry. Reports later came that the rapper had been released from the hospital, but there was still no word from him.

TMZ was the first to update us on the change of that fact though with a breaking report that Fetty had posted a video to his Instagram page about two hours ago. In the video, Wap thanks fans for their support and revealed that he had broken his leg in three different places after the wreck. Though still clearly out of it the fact that he took the time to say that he’s alright will surely go a long way with the fans as a previous Inquisitr article revealed that he had had over half a million google searches between his accident and the time of the article earlier today.


One cannot help but appreciate though that considering the fact that his album just dropped on September 24, all the publicity Wap is getting after the accident will surely not go amiss. ‘Trap Queen’ became a summer anthem and still shows momentum.

Wap had told Rolling Stone previously that what was important to him was the music and attaining his dreams despite the naysayers, not necessarily album sales. However, no doubt a successful album is something the rapper is genuinely hoping for.

“I did what most people said I wouldn’t do. And I overcame, I guess you could say, a lot of rookie boundaries. I just shot past what a lot of people expected. Selling the album is what I’m supposed to do in the music industry, not what I wanted to do.”