Willie Robertson Shows His Support For Donald Trump

The Duck Dynasty star was called up to the stage by Donald Trump at an Oklahoma rally where he expressed his support for the Republican presidential frontrunner.

During the campaign rally, Trump called for Willie Robertson to come up to the stage. As Robertson approached him, Donald asked, “Do you love Trump?”

Robertson replied by saying that he did indeed “like” Trump and went on to list some similarities between himself and Donald. The exchange was clearly an endorsement.

“Here’s the deal. We’re both successful businessmen. We both have pretty big shows on television. We both have wives that are 1,000 times better looking than us, so I like Trump.”

As pointed out by Nola Defender the support for Trump is somewhat of a surprise. Robertson had previously been a supporter of Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal in the race for the White House. Earlier this year when asked if Jindal was “his guy” for the presidential race, Robertson confirmed that he’d be supporting his governor.

“It is, if he chooses to run, he hasn’t decided yet. But if he does [yes,]”

It appears as though the television star has switched camps. The change in support may be directly related to Bobby Jindal’s failing campaign. Jindal was never able to get much attention throughout the last several months. He’s currently polling at somewhere between 1 and 0 percent.

The governor has been struggling through his campaign. His poll numbers are low, if not non-existent and he receives little airtime. He has been placed on both of the second-tier debates that were watched by far less people than the main debates.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many inside the GOP believe Jindal will soon end his campaign for the presidency. The report cited insiders that claimed Jindal would likely be the next candidate to leave the race.

As Slate reported, the Jindal campaign responded by calling the report “B.S.” and saying that it was crafted by rival campaign staffers.

“These ‘insiders’ are made up of other campaign staff who want to attack Gov. Jindal.”

While the Jindal campaign may be having a hard time, Trump, on the other hand, has enjoyed first place among the Republicans all summer long and continues to hold a slight lead.

It does make sense that Robertson would abandon a sinking ship and endorse a candidate that has done exponentially better than Jindal.

You can watch the brief endorsement of Donald below.

[Photo by Mike Windle / Getty Images]