Comedian Robert Klein: Schwarzenegger Warned Women Cosby Was Dangerous Years Ago

Comedy legend Robert Klein said that he had heard allegations of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby’s sexual assault behavior as far back as 25 years ago, and even had heard that actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was warning female coworkers to steer clear of the now 78-year-old, citing “danger, not just annoyance” as reasoning to keep their distance. This, according to The Interrobang.

Klein spoke in an interview with SiriusXM host Ron Bennington to promote his upcoming documentary, Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg. During the interview, Klein mentioned Cosby and recalled that while dating Debbie Dickenson, sister of model and reality TV star Janice Dickenson, the latter told him about her experience with Cosby.

“When I went with Debbie Dickinson her sister Janice told me 25 years ago, ‘He’s an animal, he tried to drug me.’ I remember distinctly. I remember thinking, ‘Mmmmmmm,’ but nothing was done about it.”

Klein also stated that while working on a soundstage some years ago, a day player recalled to him that she had been warned to stay clear of Cosby by The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“I was working on a show on a soundstage in L.A. on a series I did a couple of years ago called The Stones with Judith Light. This actress told how when she went on the set of the last Schwarzenegger movie, before he became governor, how he took her aside and said, ‘Keep away from him. Keep a distance,’ talking about danger, not just annoyance. Who knows? I feel like these women have been vindicated because it’s a tough thing to keep to yourself.”

Klein went on to state that a D.A. investigating sexual assault claims levied against Cosby by Andrea Constrand told Klein that she knew Cosby was guilty, but was unable to effectively prove her case.

“There was a DA who said, ‘Look, I know the truth when I hear it and this woman was telling the truth, from Temple, but I had no case and I couldn’t pursue it.’ So whatever it is he won’t be prosecuted criminally. He’s certainly not a man without talent, but his legacy is ruined and that’s the most that can happen in terms of that. But I always thought he was a little on the soft side, to be honest with you.”

Earlier this week, Fordham University in New York and Marquette University in Wisconsin rescinded honorary degrees each had previously bestowed upon the once revered comic giant, according to Doug Criss of CNN. It is the first time either university has rescinded an honorary degree and follows Central State University in Ohio and Spelman College in Georgia, each of which have rescinded honors given toward Cosby; the former removing Cosby’s name from a building that had been named in his honor, and the latter terminating a professorship endowed by Cosby and his wife, Camille.

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for New York Comedy Festival]