Zayn Malik’s Mystery Blonde Lady Is Still A Mystery [Photos]

Fans have been having a meltdown over Zayn Malik’s latest Instagram photo. The former One Direction singer was photographed getting topless and cozy with a mystery blonde woman that has fans wondering about her identity.

It all started on Saturday, September 26 when Zayn Malik shared this black-and-white photo of himself wrapping his arms around a mysterious blonde woman with gorgeous eyes. Malik, 22, was seen wrapping his tattooed arm around the lady and giving her a kissy face. The unidentified woman is photographed peeking over at the former 1D cutie and giving the camera a duck face. Malik posted the photo to his new Instagram account without a caption, causing fans to go into a tailspin all weekend long.


As previously reported via the Inquisitr, some fans thought that the lucky lady was actress Gage Golightly from MTV’s Teen Wolf. As the rumors picked up steam, Gage took to her own Instagram account to shut down those romance rumors. She wrote in the photo, “Hi everyone, just wanted to clarify that I am not the girl in the photo with Zayn Malik. But what a lucky girl. Love y’all.”


Fans then took to social media to claim that the mystery lady was Nicola Anne Peltz from AMC’s Bates Motel. She also took to her social media accounts to put those pesky dating rumors to rest. Peltz tweeted: “flattered that you all think it’s me in @zaynmalik picture but its not. just thought I’d clarify :)”

So, who could it be? There’s no denying that Zayn Malik sure has a type when it comes to dating women. Zayn made headlines when he broke off his engagement from Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards back in late July/early August. It was reported that Zayn broke off their three-year long engagement via text message.

Although Edwards has been moving on from their very public split, she find his latest photo rather tacky. An inside source told the Hollywood Life the Little Mix singer has some choice words about Malik’s photo with the mysterious blonde look-alike.

“The photo just confirms everything she already thinks about Zayn. ‘Heartless’ is the first word that came to Perrie’s mind when she saw it. She thinks Zayn has stooped to an all new low by making such a public to do about this girl.”

But the insider claims that it doesn’t mean Edwards is heartbroken over the Bradford bad boy.

“Is she heartbroken over the pic? No, she’s disgusted. She wants to tell the girl, ‘You can’t have him!’ Perrie isn’t wasting any more tears on this guy. Plus, she thinks he’s just trying to make her jealous because he knows she has moved on. It’s just an attention-seeking, desperate, heartless ploy.”

Fans immediately thought of Perrie when they saw the photo Zayn shared of himself with the mystery blonde. There’s no denying that the unidentified beauty looks just like the British pop star.

A previous report via The Mirror believes that the Little Mix blonde is responding to Malik’s mystery photo by sharing her own au natural selfie. Edwards shared this makeup-free photo of herself with the caption: “Rise and shine!” But it just looks like she’s just enjoying some much-needed downtime as she’s been promoting with her Little Mix band mates.


Zayn Malik has been showing off his infinity for beautiful women lately. Just last month, he liked one of Kylie Jenner’s photos on Twitter. He also was spotted at her 18th birthday party. Zayn has also followed Zendaya and Khloe Kardashian on Twitter, and has been previously linked to British singer Rita Ora and model Neelam Gill.

She allegedly tweeted “…” moments after his photo, but deleted it shortly after.


What are your thoughts on Zayn Malik’s photo with the mystery blonde? Who do you think it is? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images]