‘Batman Beyond’ Movie Would Dump Ben Affleck, But Is Robbie Amell’s Budget Crazy? [Video]

Actor Robbie Amell’s Batman Beyond movie proposal has set DC Universe fans on fire with the suggestion that he could play the young Terry McGinnis. It seems to go without saying that Ben Affleck would already need to hang up his batsuit already since the 43-year-old actor is still a little too spry to play as the old Bruce Wayne. The popular suggestion on social media seems to be Michael Keaton, which would bring the Batman movie series full circle.

Of course, even Robbie Amell’s age of 27 makes him seem more like a Nightwing than the 18-year-old Tomorrow Knight. But that is not the reason some DC fans are calling Amell’s vision for a new Batman Beyond movie a little bit unreasonable.

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During Robbie Amell’s panel at this weekend’s Salt Lake City Comic Con 2015, the actor tackled a fan’s question about whether he would be willing to play Terry McGinnis in a Batman Beyond movie. Not surprisingly, Amell answered, since who wouldn’t want to be Batman?

“I am a huge fan of that idea,” Amell said of the Batman Beyond movie concept. “I think the problem is because they have Batman going on right now, they won’t make the Batman Beyond movie until I’m too old to be Terry McGinnis. By then I’ll probably be the old, crusty Batman. But I’m a huge fan of that idea. I think it would be a great property.”

One issue that production companies may have with doing the Batman Beyond movie is that it will essentially be a standalone movie by necessity, thus it could be not connected to the overall storyline being weaved. A solo Batman movie is not necessarily a deal-killer, though, since Ben Affleck reportedly wants to do the same with his version of the Batman character, but then we are talking about having two standalone Batman movies coming out within years of each other. Unless they connected the two in some manner, it probably wouldn’t make too much sense.

Speaking of not making sense, fans were slightly aghast by the second part of Amell’s answer.

“I think the smartest idea for them would be to make it like a $30 million movie. Don’t do like a $200 million blockbuster, do a dark, gritty version of Batman Beyond. The visual effects have come so far that you don’t need $200 million to show the technology that they have. Make it a nice, grounded character piece. But I don’t run studios, so that means nothing.”

At this point, some would question whether or not Robbie Amell has even watched the Batman Beyond TV show. The highly futuristic cyberpunk Gotham would almost require a bigger budget. Never mind, most of the villains were so physically modified by technology that simple makeup and props won’t cut it. The Terry McGinnis Batman also had a tendency to use rocket-boosted aerial combat, so practically every fight scene may require CGI.

Still, the vision of a dark and gritty Batman Beyond movie does have merit since that is the direction The New 52 comics chose to go. The catch is that the comic writers made Terry McGinnis dead only to be replaced by Tim Drake. But that story might be a bit confusing for a movie angle, so if a Batman Beyond movie is produced it may focus on a new origins story.

Do you think Robbie Amell would be a good fit for a Batman Beyond movie?

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