Trump’s Rapid Decline In The Polls: Why?

Although Trump has routinely boasted a strong lead for the national presidential republic candidacy, as reported by the Inquisitr, some polls show this is changing fast no matter how you look at it. As his ratings are slipping away, one has to wonder if Trump can rebound from the recent turn of events. While Trump has certainly taken to less-than-presidential style tactics during debates, going as far to insult peoples’ looks and a possible slam at the fact that Megyn Kelly was hormonal due to menstruating, he still had a fairly decent lead over any other Republican nominee.

But that is quickly changing.

According to CNN, Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are practically tied in ratings as of today. Trump remains on top in the Grand Old Party, capturing 21 percent of Republican primary voters, but Carson is at 20 percent, within the poll’s margin of error, which is generally accepted to be three percent and therefore means this is anyone’s race at this point.

Also according to CNN, there are numerous reasons why Dr. Ben Carson is catching up to Donald Trump. David McIntosh, president of Club for Growth, an organization that recently released an ad in Iowa against Trump and his policies, explains why he feels that Trump isn’t being as well received today as he was in earlier months.

“I think they like his angry style, in your face to Washington. But, Trump’s signature, aggressive style may also be contributing to Carson’s rise. Most Americans I know are uncomfortable with Trump’s lack of humility. And, I think that makes Carson the anti-Trump. The base of the conservative Republican party has a great field to choose from… but Bush has not been able to excite them. I’ve never met a single person in 21 states I’ve traveled since the beginning of the year, not one human being that tells me they support Jeb Bush. And most of the other contenders are in the single digits at best.”

While many have expressed concern that neither Donald Trump nor Ben Carson have any political experience at all, it does not seem to hurt them in their ratings. It could be that Americans are tired of the same old political routine, or it could be that something about both men are resonating with Americans. Ben Carson, a famous neurosurgeon, has undoubtedly saved thousands of lives and is often considered to be a strong role model for wayward youth, as he also came from an impoverished background. Most Americans could relate to Dr. Carson’s socioeconomic background than they could Trump’s, and that could be hurting Donald Trump in his ratings, along with the fact that Dr. Carson manages to stay calm and humble during debates, while Trump has been known to make comments that have been construed by the media and others as inappropriate.

What do you think, readers — is it still possible Donald Trump is out next president?

[Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]