Brye Anne Russillo: MMA Fighter Forced To Fight In Heavier Divisions Because Of Heavy Double-D Breasts

Since its initiation into mainstream mixed martial arts, women’s MMA has grown in popularity. Previously, such weren’t allowed in the United States as well as other countries due to the stigma gender plays in combat sports. Given how barbaric MMA (especially UFC) used to be compared to the general mindset of people back then, it made sense. Thankfully, incorporating fight regulations opened the doors for women’s MMA opening the eyes of combat sports fans that women can also be lethal. Just looks at Gina Carano, Cris Cyborg, and Ronda Rousey as examples.

However, women’s MMA is still going through much growing and polishing as it becomes more popular. One issue is the argument if transgender women (either they be pre-op or post-op is still a debate) should be allowed to fight in such divisions. Such is the case of Fallon Fox, a post-op transgender woman competing in MMA that many other fighters, including Miesha Tate, will not fight because they believe “he has an advantage.”

For Brye Anne Russillo, her issue is unique but may become a debatable issue once more fighters with her build compete in MMA. Apparently, Brye Anne has to fight in heavier divisions. And the reason why (though technically we can say two reasons why) is the weight of her heavy double-D breasts.

The unique detail was brought up during an interview Brye Anne Russillo had on My MMA News. It began with initial details of Brye Anne’s MMA journey. Working as a model and pastry chef, the 29-year-old sought an outlet to stay active and healthy. By happenstance, Brye Anne stumbled upon MMA through participation in a cardio kickboxing class. Taking notice of other athletes training to be MMA fighters, Brye Anne joined in too as a way to test herself mentally.

Brye Anne Viral
This image of Brye Anne Russillo went viral once posted online. Now she is garnering attention for being an MMA fighter with heavy breast that force her to fight in higher weight divisions.

Now, Brye Anne Russillo is fighting in MMA professionally and has a fight record of one win and one loss. She will try to improve her record with another win at Aggressive Combat Championships 12, as reported by BJ Penn. Brye Anne will be battling at 150 pounds because her breasts are too heavy for lower divisions.

“I can’t cut my t**s off and put them on the side, they weigh 12 pounds.”

Still, Brye Anne Russillo is taking each fight in stride. Usually, she would fights in a rare division in women’s MMA: lightweight (155 pounds). If one were to observe major MMA promotions, not one of them has such a division. Ergo, Brye Anne has to either lose weight or fight at a catchweight if she wants to go into Bellator MMA or UFC. Brye Anne does understand this situation and plans to lose weight. As a matter of fact, Brye Anne said she wants her next fight to be at bantamweight, 135 pounds.

[Images via Brye Anne Russillo’s Facebook Fan Page]