DIY Chemical Peels For Younger Skin: 50 Percent And Up Glycolic Acid Peels All The Rage On Amazon

Back in the day, when one heard the term “chemical peels,” they thought of a scary process undergone in a spa or dermatologist’s office that involved strong acids. Indeed, chemical or acne peels do involve strong chemicals, but not so strong that they can’t be safely used at home. Supposedly, Beyonce’s chemical peels and other beauty regimen secrets have cost her at least $1 million.

According to the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Hospital, chemical peels can help to fade age spots by releasing the top layers of skin that may have been darkened on people even younger than 50, due to sun spots or acne marks. The hospital recommends that folks getting chemical peels seek a qualified dermatologist who knows how to apply the acidic chemicals in order not to damage the skin.

A search for “chemical peel” on Amazon, however, turns up plenty of solutions that contain varying percentages of glycolic and lactic acid peel gels with loads of customer reviews that prove buyers are doing their own chemical peels at home. As with many beauty treatments that start off in the doctor’s office and eventually make their way to consumers’ homes on a DIY basis, caution and knowledge regarding the process is urged before an inexperienced person jumps in and slathers chemicals all over their face and body.

As reported by Marie Claire, even chemical peels received via a dermatologist’s office can cause the facial skin to turn red, and users can experience peeling or other symptoms. However, once those side effects subside, plenty of consumers are pleased as punch with their results, taking caution to protect their newly sloughed-off skin from the sun.

Another new type of peel — at least new in the U.S. — is called a jet peel. According to WXIX, the jet peel can provide the same benefits of a chemical peel but without the down time that’s sometimes associated with chemical peels. Jet peels involve utilizing air pressure at 100 psi and saline in order to slough off dead skin cells and such, without actually coming in contact with the skin the way chemical peels do. Although it might sound painful, jet peels are pain free, report users who call the process relaxing. Jet peels can cost about the same as chemical peels: $85 -$100 per treatment.

With DIY chemical peels ruling the Amazon sales charts, it appears buyers of the chemical peel products are happy with their results.

[Image via Tina Stallard/Getty Images News]