Florida Mom Abandoned Kids At Social Security Office To Stop Car Repossession

A Florida mom is in trouble for abandoning her children at a Social Security office, but it’s her reasoning for doing so that has her case getting attention in the media. The Miami Herald reports that 29-year-old Nikia Mills has lost custody of her children. She is also facing child neglect charges after she dumped her kids in order to prevent her car from being repossessed.

The Bradenton, Florida mom was seen by witnesses around 1:30 p.m., Friday, when she dropped her young children off at the Social Security office. She was also seen driving away from the office in a reckless manner, leaving the children behind without any real adult supervision. Afterward, authorities were called to the scene.

When authorities arrived, they found the two children, aged four and five, in the building. Their mother was nowhere in sight. WTSP News 10 reported that authorities from the Brandenton Police Department waited over an hour for the mom to return to the Social Security Office, where she was eventually arrested on two charges of child neglect.

Authorities also revealed that the Florida mom had a lengthy history with the Florida Department of Children and Families. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security cited the 29-year-old mom with causing a disturbance in a federal building.

This is not the first time a Florida mother has attracted negative attention from police and the media. Earlier this year, a Florida mom named April King was arrested after she reportedly left her toddlers in a car so she could go drinking in a bar. Another Florida mother was arrested this year when she was caught having her three-year-old son blow into the breathalyzer in her car to get the vehicle started. She was reportedly doing this in an attempt to bypass safety measures that were put in place to keep her from drunk-driving.

In another recent case of child neglect in Florida, a mother was arrested after she ignored doctors’ orders to seek immediate dental care for her young daughter. She allegedly let the child’s teeth rot until they were causing her great pain and an inability to brush her own teeth.

As for the most recent arrest in Florida, it’s unknown if the mother will ever regain legal custody of her children after abandoning them at a Social Security office for any reason at all. It should be noted that Florida’s safe haven law only allows for the abandonment of children under seven-days-old, and she had no legal allowance for leaving her children behind.

[Photo by Bradenton Police]