Hair-Raising Arrest: Two Armed Robbers Caught With 126 Boxes Of Hairpieces

Two armed robbers were arrested Saturday in Johannesburg, South Africa, and were found to be in possession of 126 boxes of hair pieces. The criminals were apparently unable to give a reasonable explanation as to why they stole the hair pieces, or where they were taking them.

It happened in the early hours of Saturday morning in the Johannesburg Central Business District, when police stopped a suspicious looking white Nissan truck driving at high speed in the area.

According to Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele, when they stopped the truck at 1:00 a.m., they found the driver alone in the front seat. However, when the police officers opened the back of the truck, they discovered another man, hiding behind boxes.

Armed robbers

It was then discovered by the officers that the 126 boxes in the truck contained hairpieces and the armed robbers were unable to say why they had them, or where they were taking them.

According to Jacaranda FM, while the police officers were on the scene, they received information that the Nissan truck they had stopped was a getaway vehicle and had been used to transport stolen items from the China multi-complex shopping center on the corner Main Reef Road and Hanover Street in Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

Reportedly, there were originally six armed robbers involved in the crime. The suspects had entered the building armed with firearms and dressed in the same uniform that the security guards working in the shopping complex wore.

Mbele told the South African media that the armed robbers held up the three security guards in the shopping complex with the guns and then handcuffed them before loading the boxes of hair pieces into the truck.

News24 quoted Mbele as saying Johannesburg police are still investigating the crime and looking for the other four armed robbers. The two armed robbers that were arrested Saturday, aged 32 and 33, will be appearing in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court shortly.

It can only be imagined that there were a lot of bald people, desperately in need of the stolen hairpieces?

In other odd crime-related news in South Africa, the Inquisitr reported a while back on the story of armed robbers who were captured on the Google Street View camera, threatening the driver of a pickup truck in a suburb of Johannesburg. The vehicle belonged to a private security guard responding to an alert in the suburb, and the men were possibly attempting to steal his vehicle or warn him away as they committed a crime.

What made that story so unusual was that another security guard from the same company was sitting, legs crossed and relaxed, in a hut just across the road, apparently unaware of what was going on close by.

Armed robbers

Another story a while back spoke of a South African couple, involved in a murder-suicide incident at a police station in Johannesburg. The couple had gone to the police station to file a domestic disturbance dispute.

While both the man and the woman had been searched by police officers on arrival, and no weapon had been found, the man made the excuse that he needed his spectacles from his car. He collected a gun from the car, went back into the station, and first shot his wife and then himself.

[Image: Johannesburg police vehicle CC BY-SA 2.0 Mike Powell — South African Police Service badge SAPS — Man in handcuffs in the public domain by ]