Eddie Montgomery: Montgomery Gentry Singer Loses Youngest Son, Hunter, In Tragic Accident

Hunter Montgomery, the 19-year-old son of country music performer, Eddie Montgomery (of Montgomery Gentry), passed away Sunday following an unspecified accident, People reported.

Eddie Montgomery
Hunter Montgomery's Facebook profile picture

Hunter had been on life support in a Kentucky hospital following an accident; the nature of the accident, when it took place, how long Hunter had been on life support, and the specific injuries Hunter suffered in the accident have not been made public, as of this writing.

In a statement to People, Eddie Montgomery confirmed his son’s passing.

“My son Hunter went to heaven today. I appreciate all your prayers and love and thank you for giving us privacy as we grieve and say goodbye.”

Hunter was the youngest of Eddie Montgomery’s four children, all from his first wife, Tracy, according to Taste of Country. Eddie’s other children are his daughters, Brooke and Candace, and his oldest son, Kevin.

According to a 2011 Country Weekly report, one of Eddie Montgomery’s sons – it’s not clear which one – played a role in helping his father detect prostate cancer early enough that it could be treated.

“My son had a four-wheeler wreck and trashed his shoulder in three places, so he had to go to a bone specialist. I’d been trying to exercise, get back to losing weight again, and was there talking to the bone specialist telling him how I’d been hurting in my hip.”

The doctor took an X-ray and discovered an anomaly, and told him to go see his urologist immediately. It turned out that it was prostate cancer. Eddie has since been declared cancer-free.

At the time of his death, Hunter Montgomery had been living a quiet life outside of the public eye. His Facebook page revealed very little information about him publicly, other than that he lived in Danville, Kentucky.

In a 2014 video appearing on Dan Van Media’s Facebook page, a man identified as Hunter Montgomery proposed to his girlfriend, on stage, at a Montgomery Gentry concert to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Hunter’s death is the latest in a string of personal and professional difficulties for Eddie Montgomery. Within a period of a few months, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his band left Sony music, and his wife served divorce papers. He later filed personal bankruptcy after his restaurant closed.

As of this writing, funeral arrangements for Hunter Montgomery have not been made public.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]