Ben Carson Is ‘Extremely Impressed’ By Kanye West And Would Consider Supporting Him As President

Ben Carson may not be willing to support a Muslim as a U.S. presidential candidate, but he is “extremely impressed” by Kanye West and would consider supporting him for president.

During an interview on ABC’s This Week, Ben Carson expressed his desire to see where things could go if and when Kanye West runs for president of the United States in 202o.

“Well, I am certainly willing to give him a chance. He’ll be able to explain things and see if he resonates with the people.”

West already announced that he was running for president in 2020 at this year’s Music Video Awards. Some people did not take the announcement seriously, but it appears that Kanye is seriously interested in politics. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Kanye explained how he prefers not to run against someone but wants to work with others in the future when he runs for president.

This line of thinking prompted him to reach out to Ben Carson and others in the political sphere to encourage discourse and returning the focus on helping people instead of fighting against one another.

West had a chance to sit down with Carson and talk to him, and Ben Carson was “extremely impressed” with some of Kanye’s ideas.

“I did have an opportunity to talk with him. I was extremely impressed with his business acumen. He knows a lot about business. I talked to him about the possibility of maybe himself and some of the other people in pop culture doing some music that might be uplifting that might give young women a sense of their value and young men a sense of responsibility. I think it could be a tremendous thing in our society.”

MSNBC reported Carson’s beliefs about keeping a Muslim out of the oval office were reiterated, but his beliefs were clarified. He stated that he thinks any person of any faith should have a shot at becoming the United States president. He does not believe the Islamic faith, as it stands, agrees with the American Constitution. However, if there were an “improved Islamic text that opposes sharia” law, then Carson would possibly be open to thinking a Muslim who followed that text should have a chance at becoming the U.S. president.

Ben Carson is “extremely impressed” by Kanye West, but time will tell if he will continue to support the musician’s eye on the presidency if Carson stands a chance at becoming the next president.

Ben Carson is currently running neck and neck with Donald Trump in recent polls.

[Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images News]