Fetty Wap Drove Motorcycle With No License, No Insurance, Say Police

Fetty Wap received so much attention for his motorcycle accident on Saturday, September 26, that Fetty got 500,000 searches on Google that same day. Wap’s fans were happy to see that the latest news reports about Fetty placed him in stable condition. A photo posted to Twitter showed Fetty sitting up, with his leg in a brace.

As reported by the Associated Press, Fetty might have some issues to clear up once Wap is all healed from his injuries and released from the hospital. Willie Maxwell — as is the real name of the rapper Wap — now has gained three summons from the motorcycle accident, along with likely forthcoming interesting lyrics about his would-be deadly experience.

Those summonses that were issued after Fetty’s motorcycle accident in Paterson, New Jersey — Fetty’s hometown — include the fact that Wap was driving the motorcycle without having a license, nor did he have insurance. Jerry Speziale, the Paterson Police Director, also reported that 25-year-old Fetty did not produce a vehicle registration card. As can be oftentimes heard when an officer pulls over a driver for whatever infraction is made, the police usually asks for license, registration, and proof of insurance — so drivers should always be ready to provide updated and current information of those three things.

Insurance companies such as State Farm even allow those who’ve lost their current insurance cards to contact their company and provide information about their account — and they’ll email the current information to the driver. As such, if that driver is still at home and has a working printer, they can print their insurance card and pop it in their wallet. Alternately, they can show the email to the police officer if they are on the road when they need the proof of insurance.

Fetty, meanwhile, has not yet been cited for any other charges — and the fault of the motorcycle collision with a car on Saturday afternoon has not been released to the public. The woman driving the car that Wap collided with was also injured. As reported by CNN, Fetty’s injuries were not life threatening.

The “Trap Queen” singer had just released his Fetty Wap album on Friday, and it’s unknown whether or not Wap has a lawyer to help deal with his driving record issues while Fetty heals in the hospital.

[Image via Twitter]