Ellen Pranked By Matt Lauer: Ping Pong Gag That ‘Took A Lot Of Balls’

Ellen has been in a pranking war with Matt Lauer for ages, but the daytime host vows that the war is now over.

As Today reported, the pranking war between Ellen and Matt Lauer “was a battle for the ages!”

“Two titans of TV faced off for a series of increasingly hilarious jabs that ended in a big win — for viewers.”

But last week when Ellen and Matt Lauer got together, Ellen declared simple “I’m done. It’s over!” Lauer, of course, was not completely convinced that Ellen wasn’t going to do something! But Ellen assured Matt for now that nothing was going to happen, and she had even made sure her staff had nothing planned.

According to Today, though, things took a turn when Lauer admitted that “he’ll miss their back-and-forth,” and he learned the end of their war might just be a temporary pause. Ellen’s response to that left the door open for more fun!

“Well, I love you, and if you want me to keep doing it, I will.”

Ellen can dish out some incredibly solid pranks, and she’s been pranking Matt Lauer of the Today Show for quite some time. Earlier this year, however, Matt managed to hit back with a pretty hilarious prank of his own.

Ellen has been piling on the pranks for a while now, pasting Matt’s head on to other people’s bodies in embarrassing video clips. The clips included Lauer supposedly wearing fetish gear while talking about Fifty Shades of Grey, as well as showing off his “foot fetish” to someone he was interviewing. None of these clips were really Lauer, of course, but they still made the TV host blush.

Now, Lauer has gotten his revenge on Ellen DeGeneres, and it couldn’t have been sweeter. Ellen hosted a clip of the prank on her show, which nearly crippled the audience with laughter.

People described the extent of the prank, and how Lauer followed it up with an equally hilarious pun.

“Matt Lauer knows a good opportunity for a prank when he sees one. That’s why he waited until Ellen DeGeneres was inside taping her daytime talk show to load up her Porsche Cayenne with 20,000 Ping-Pong balls. ‘You have to admit, Ellen, it took a lot of balls to pull off this prank,’ Lauer said to DeGeneres via video chat after she discovered what happened to her car. He also included a cardboard cutout of himself and placed it in the passenger seat.”

Oddly enough, on the same day that Lauer unleashed the ping pong ball prank on Ellen, Ellen was serving up a juicy prank of her own. During the Ellen Show for that day, Ellen unveiled a thoroughly edited clip of Lauer, but, Matt said, he’d be “unable to watch it.”

Today had to remind Ellen of Matt’s shenanigans on their own show. They noted that Lauer was “afraid” of Ellen’s next move, and wouldn’t be able to watch the most recent clip due to “extenuating circumstances.”

“I’m entering the witness protection program in the morning.”

Just before both Ellen and Lauer signed off with professions of adoration and love, DeGeneres kept Lauer with a quip that told him the war was anything but over.

“Now it’s on. Before it was fun and games, it was jokes. But now it is on, Lauer.”

Ellen had to acknowledge the quality of the prank, but she followed up with a warning for Matt to keep his eyes peeled for her next move.

“Alright – you got me, and you got me good… not. You call that a prank, Lauer? Pshaw. All I’m gonna say is, I was barely even trying before.”

Thankfully, this “daytime feud” has provided endless entertainment for fans of the hosts and audiences everywhere. Though perhaps Lauer’s move to the witness protection program might not have been a bad one! We can hardly wait to see what Ellen has in store.

[Photo: The Ellen Show / YouTube]