Fillers As Popular As Ever As New Bellafill Acne-Scar Treatment Lasts As 5-Year Filler

Fillers have been more in the spotlight as of late, especially after Kylie Jenner admitted that her powerful pout is achieved thanks to temporary lip fillers, and not just lip gloss. According to the Daily Mail, kids as young as 10 have asked popular YouTube vloggers about fillers, and children as young as 14 have reportedly received fillers. Because they plump up smile lines, cheeks and lips, fillers are fascinating folks who just want to look more like their favorite models or celebrities. They are becoming more popular because the price to receive fillers is dropping, and becoming more affordable to average people. As such, a newly FDA-approved filler named Bellafill is making the news because of just how long-lasting users are finding the filler has become.

The Bellafill dermal filler, as reported by Reuters, is a bovine filler that has been FDA-approved since only recently as a collagen dermal filler, and is used to fill in laugh lines and acne marks that depress the skin. Allergies to cow collagen should first be ruled out for those who want Bellafill. A recent study about the longterm effects of Bellafill discovered that more than 80 percent of people who received Bellafill were still experiencing filling with their results, making it one of the longest studies conducted about fillers. Most filler studies last only one year; and, other fillers, like the hyaluronic acid fillers that are very popular, require more frequent treatments. Bellafill isn’t reversible like most other fillers.

Patients wanting to receive the Bellafill dermal filler are excited about the news that the results could last up to five years or more, because — although fillers have gone down in price — fillers can still be pricey. Certain dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons charge approximately $500 to $1,000 USD per syringe for various types of fillers, and patients might need multiple syringes. Therefore, the cost of getting fillers on a periodic basis can add up.

Bellafill has been called an anti-aging game changer by Allure Magazine, in no small part because Bellafill purportedly has a five years and counting safety record. The study took 1,008 patients who got Bellafill in their smile lines and checked back in with them five years later. At that point 87 percent of those who received the collagen and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres injections had retained their results. While the collagen is absorbed by the body, the PNMA remains to keep on plumping.

Unlike Botox, which relaxes the muscles, fillers plump up areas that may be depressed due to acne, aging or weight loss.

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