Chris Martin’s Kids Love Ariana Grande, Coldplay Frontman Welcomes Her To Global Citizens Festival

The Ariana Grande comeback got a big boost from a big time performer yesterday when Chris Martin, the frontman for Coldplay, welcomed Grande onstage at the Global Citizens Festival concert. Not only did the pair perform a duet together in front of the whole world, Martin couldn’t help but gush about how Ariana is his and ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite performer.

“We could just appear as Coldplay, the English band, or we could take a moment in our set where we cross generations with someone much more talented and much more good looking and by association make us look better,” he joked yesterday. “With that in mind, I talked to my kids and asked who would be the most awesomest person to come sing with us and with deliberation, the amazing young singer Ariana Grande came.”

The pair then went on to cover the Ariana song “Just a Little Bit Of Your Heart” from off Grande’s smash hit album, My Everything. According to E! Online, Martin and Grande rehearsed the track only “minutes” before showtime and still managed to make it shine.

Hollywood Life gave the performance rave reviews, calling the duet “epic.”

“Chris and Ariana’s voices mesh so well together. For this version of the song, Ariana and Chris opted for an acoustic version. It sounded great! Two of the greatest singers on the planet singing together? It’s pretty epic.”

Chris Martin Coldplay Ariana Grande

The vote of confidence from someone as well-respected as Chris Martin and Coldplay, along with the global television audience afforded by the concert, should go a long way in erasing the awful taste left in America’s mouth after the Ariana Grande donut-licking scandal from a few months back.

The incident, captured on security tapes at a Los Angeles bakery, showed Ariana and her new boyfriend, Rickey Alvarez, vandalizing a set of display donuts with their tongues. Grande was also heard bashing Americans everywhere on the footage.

Since then, Grande has publicly appeared on Jimmy Fallon to apologize and put the incident behind her. She also struck a completely different tone on Twitter, thanking New York for welcoming her onstage yesterday.

The promising 21-year-old star is hoping that her new album, Moonlight, which she is recording at the moment, as reported by the Music Times, will be the final nail in the coffin of the scandal that almost cost her a career. Being hailed by Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow as their kids’ favorite performer, in front of the whole world at the Global Citizens Festival, mind you, will almost certainly help get Ariana Grande back on track.

[Ariana Grande image via YouTube]