Justin Bieber Listening Party: Holes In Melbourne Model’s Drugged Drink Claim

Model Bailey Scarlett alleges her drink was spiked at a recording studio event in Melbourne, Australia, hosted by Justin Bieber and attended by some of his team, models, and more on Sunday, September 27.

However, others who were at the party dispute Scarlett’s allegation of drugging. Notably, Jimi Wyatt, who owns the studio in Cremorne, Melbourne, says security footage show the model’s drink wasn’t tampered with and was always visible to a camera. While Alex McDonnell, who organized the bash, thinks she had a panic attack, TMZ reports.

Justin Bieber is in Australia to perform shows and promote his new smash single “What Do You Mean?” He has been in the country since Sunday and leaves on Wednesday. He performed a small rooftop show hosted by iHeartMedia on Monday.

According to Australia’s Courier Mail and multiple outlets, it’s not suggested that Bieber, 21, spiked 18-year-old Scarlett’s beverage — if indeed it actually was.

However, in a Sunday statement shared at her Facebook account, New Zealand-born Scarlett alleges her drink was spiked by someone in Bieber’s “entourage.” She claims she was “told” to pour herself a glass of vodka and lemonade when she arrived at the studio and that she was introduced to Justin soon after she got to the event.

Next, Scarlett alleges she “did a shot with Justin and was poured another drink.” Shortly after, she claims she started to feel “overly drunk” and “incoherent,” her vision became “ridiculously blurred,” and her lips, hands, and toes felt “numb.”

Justin Bieber

Bailey has since made her Facebook post private (it can be seen here), which she says is on legal advice. She went on to claim that she told other girls at the party that she felt unsafe and began crying. Recalling herself as “panicking” and using hostile language towards Bieber in her post, she says the singer tried to talk to her to allegedly “calm” her down.

At that point, the Melbourne-based model claims others in the room were told to leave. She went on to allege that Bieber “to my disgust” told his “crew” to get her out of the studio, adding that he said she was “faking” whatever she was allegedly experiencing.

Scarlett also alleges that Bieber “had a go” at her outside a bathroom she went to, and claims he told her she hadn’t been given drugs by anyone but just had “Bieber Fever.” Presumably, all of this will be seen on security footage. Lip-sync experts are also advisable.

Victoria Police reportedly confirmed police and an ambulance were called to the recording studio shortly after 11 p.m. on Sunday.

“At that address a woman told police that she believed her drink had been spiked,” police spokeswoman Melissa Seach told the Courier Mail. The paper added, “The woman was conveyed to hospital for medical treatment and is advised to attend the Richmond police station to make an official report concerning the matter.”

TMZ notes that Scarlett has yet to file an official police report about the incident. However, the model did get around to spreading her claims online on Sunday.

Justin Bieber

Scarlett says she eventually left the studio through the front door, although she claims she was told to leave via a back exit so that waiting Justin Bieber fans wouldn’t see her. The model says she convulsed and lay “unconscious” on a pavement in the street when she left, yet alleges she was aware of being held up by some of the fans outside.

The model says she was carried to an ambulance and went on to make pretty extraordinary claims about alleged conversations she had with the paramedics, which she apparently recalls perfectly.

Scarlett says the paramedics said she’d definitely been “slipped something,” but that “there was nothing they could do” as girls often ended up in the “emergency room” after allegedly being slipped drugs when “famous” people visited Melbourne.

In another personalized Bieber-nuance in her account, Scarlet claims the paramedics told her that if she and her friend had a “gun to shoot Justin Bieber,” they would “drive around the corner and pretend they didn’t hear it.”

Scarlett’s next claims are just as extraordinary. The teenager claims two hospitals refused to test her for drugs, even though it’s hard to imagine medics not wanting to treat someone who allegedly had recently convulsed and fallen unconscious.

The model says she was first taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne. She alleges she was “refused a drug test no matter how hard I begged [sic],” and says staff told her that they only treat symptoms. Again, there should be footage and a computer trail to support such a serious claim, especially as Bailey alleges she lost consciousness after she was sent to a waiting room. The model says her pal and even complete strangers allegedly yelled at staff to “help.”

Scarlett then claims she was carried to a car and taken to the Royal Melbourne hospital, where she was allegedly refused a drug test because staff said “they see this all the time” with girls and she should just “sleep it off.”

While the model expressed anger in her Facebook post over the two hospitals’ allegedly refusing to help her, if true, it does beg the question: did Scarlett not present as a credible “victim” to likely busy medical staff?

The rest of Scarlett’s post leveled more snark at Bieber, who she calls “nothing” and “the most uninspiring person” she has “probably” met. There’s also her seismic allegation that his entourage can “drug you in a split second.” She signed off claiming she was off to get a “private drug test.”

In short: The public is asked to believe that after she was allegedly drugged, lost consciousness, then was refused help at two hospitals, that Scarlett took the time to write a lengthy Facebook post before thinking about getting privately tested?

Justin Bieber

The Courier Mail notes another woman at Bieber’s listening party said Bailey simply drank too much. Pily Vargas, 21, recalled, “She was definitely very drunk, she fell a couple of times, she should have exited at that point.”

Ms. Vargas reportedly said other girls made statements to the police which refuted Scarlett’s claims.

“She was trying to get (Bieber’s) attention all night, trying to take his hat. He wanted his hat back and she thought he was high-fiving her. Straight after that she started having this panic attack. We all exited the room so she could calm down and she did calm down,” Ms. Vargas told the paper.

Meanwhile, Melbourne-based, Katy Dunham, who also attended Bieber’s studio session, wrote scathingly about Scarlett in a comment at her Instagram picture of herself, Bieber, and another which was taken at the party.

Addressing a Bieber fan site, she wrote, “Sorry guys!!” It’s a shame the night was ruined, we were having so much and it was all so light hearted. Why ruin it for a few seconds of fame, she should be ashamed of herself #enoughsaid now can we discuss what’s coming from him and how we got to watch him record [sic].”

Similarly, Estelle Foudoulis, who appears to be a friend of Dunham and posed with Katy and Justin, left a note at Scarlett’s related Facebook post when it was public (see the screenshot here).

Of Scarlett’s claim about alleged shot drinking with Justin Bieber, Foudoulis wrote, “I was there with he[r] and that’s not true they sat on the couch all night and barely drank.”

She added, “I introduced myself to her [Scarlett] and her friend and they seemed totally fine.”

Meanwhile, some of the fans who waited outside the studio the night of the party and witnessed Bailey’s exit, took to Twitter to counter Scarlett’s claim that she was “drugged.” One user alleges Bailey “faked” her alleged physical reactions and claims other models at the bash said this when they left. Another user said the accuser pretended to fall when she left the studio but was fine. Yet another claims some models said Scarlett was “over-exaggerating” and “couldn’t handle her alcohol.” It is worth noting that no other model at the recording studio claimed they were drugged — and in fact — no model in Bieber’s history has ever complained of such, or any kind of mistreatment.

For his part, Bieber revealed during a Monday interview (Australia time) with Shazam Top20 AU that he finished recording his upcoming album while at the Melbourne studio on Sunday.

Scarlett and her boyfriend have reportedly been advised by a lawyer not to comment on the allegations. As for Bailey’s potentially life-changing claims, these will need to be verified and proven — or not, before given the credence and ability to do that.

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