Kris Jenner’s Luxurious Net Worth Revealed As She Offers Glimpse Inside ‘Livable Glamour’ Mansion [Video]

Kris Jenner recently showed off her ever-increasing net worth when Jenner gave magazine In Style a peek into her luxurious Hidden Hills, California, mansion. The six-bedroom, eight bathroom home required a complete makeover after Jenner purchased it, transforming the mansion into a home of “livable glamour.”

Jenner’s net worth is speculated to be over $125 million, thanks to a deal in February, 2015, with the E! network, reports Radar Online. Kris sealed a deal of $100 million to remain working with E! for another four years, ensuring Keeping Up With The Kardashians and several spin offs will run for another four years.

The $100 million contract is the most lucrative reality show pay day in history.

When selecting a new home, Kris looked for something that was family-centered. Jeff Andrews, who designed the interior of not just the Jenner home, but also those of Khloe, Kourtney, and Kylie, spoke with In Style about what Kris looked for in a new home to show off her net worth.

According to Andrews, Jenner is “an amazing cook and with a big family, the kitchen needed to be beautiful and worthy of entertaining.” Of course, since the mansion will also be the home of the Jenner clan, Kris needed it to be “also user-friendly.”

The glamorous home is expected to house not just Kris Jenner, but Kim and Kanye West, as well as their two children.

Despite her ever-increasing collection of homes she shares with her children, other members of the Jenner clan claim that the reality star doesn’t share her net worth as much as she should. Karen Houghton, who has been estranged from sister Kris for a number of years, claims Jenner does little to help out her mother.

Even though Kris purchases homes so her children will be able to live with her, Karen says Jenner does little for her mother, Mary Jo Campbell. Admitting that Kris “bought her [mother] a Mercedes so she has done something for her,” Houghton believes Kris “could do a lot more for her family.” Karen explained to Radar Online that “[m]y mom could have anything she wanted, considering if I had three Bentleys, Mercedes [cars], clothing lines.”

In particular, Houghton claims that Kris should purchase her mother a home, claiming Jenner is hypocritical for expressing “a loving family and family values ” but refusing to share her blossoming net worth with her mother. Karen confesses that “my mom wants to live in La Jolla,” and Kris should “buy her a condo… I don’t understand her. I never will. It’s just her personality.”

Kris, in her defense, has confessed that she has been estranged from her sister for years because her sister is plagued by “demons,” reports Radar Online.

According to Page Six, however, fans “be seeing a lot more of the Kardashian family,” thanks to the $100 million contract that has boosted the net worth of Jenner’s children, too. The New York Post reports that Kris was able to get the killer deal because “E! knows the Kardashian-Wests would be scooped up by another network faster than you can say “North West,’ ” and wanted to ensure the Kardashian franchise sticks with their network.

The deal Kris Jenner inked with E! is “a huge deal, which will see their involvement with the network and its digital properties expand well into the future.” Since Kylie has started to become as popular as Kim Kardashian, and wants to break into acting in addition to her modelling and brand endorsement deals, it’s possible the landmark deal will continue to increase the net worth of not just Kris, but her children, as well.

[Image credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]