Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Dating & Dieting? ‘The Voice’ Coaches Join Miranda Lambert In Weight Loss Wars

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have so much in common. Both Gwen and Blake are coaches on The Voice, known for their wit, warmth, and powerful singing careers. And with Stefani and Shelton both in the aftermath of recent splits from their significant others, rumors are spreading that the two are dating, reported Hollywood Life.

But which is fact and which is fiction when it comes to adding 45-year-old Gwen and 39-year-old Blake to the Hot Couple Alert list? Stefani and Shelton do have flirty chemistry, but they’re not dating as yet, said an insider.

“It’s not a thing at all,” said the source. “They are friends and that is it. They aren’t hooking up.”

And although that insider admitted that Blake is a terrific dude and provides plenty of laughs for all of those on the set of The Voice, that doesn’t make for a romance with Gwen.

Stefani and Blake do get mocked by Adam Levine, however, over those dating rumors. An insider shared that Adam finds it hilarious and can’t resist teasing the two newly single coaches about going out with each other.

Gwen Stefani dating Blake Shelton?
Is Gwen Stefani dating Blake Shelton? Fact versus fiction revealed.

“Adam and Blake are like brothers so anytime they can give the other one a hard time they go for it,” added the insider.

Fortunately for Levine, Gwen also has a sense of humor. Stefani even joked about Blake’s recent weight loss success, reported E! News.

With Shelton noticeably slimmer since splitting from Miranda, has Gwen seen him pumping iron or jogging around the buildings between filming The Voice? Stefani admitted that she hasn’t seen her pal working out on set. Instead, she joked that she’s only watched him raise his glass high and drink.

However, Blake’s representative revealed that in fact Shelton has been working out and dieting.

“He’s doing the two things he hates to do — diet and exercise,” said the representative.

Shelton and Miranda revealed their divorce plans in the summer following four years of marriage. Although that singing duo do not have kids, also recently separated Gwen and Gavin Rossdale have three sons, and they were married for 13 years.

As for his post-split weight loss, Blake recently commented that he’s been following what he termed a divorce diet.

However, although Shelton appears to have started his weight loss after splitting, Miranda began shedding pounds prior to their public separation when the two had marital problems, according to Hollywood Take.

And her friends term Lambert a strong woman. Rather than focus on what was wrong with her marriage, Miranda turned to exercise and eating right. That focus took off more than 40 pounds.

Lambert’s workout program included riding horses, walking, and even jogging. With a personal trainer to guide her, the singer also has performed a variety of strength-training exercises.

As for diet specifics, Miranda used portion control, eating half of her normal diet. Lambert emphasized juice as well as unprocessed foods such as sweet potatoes and chicken.

And although Gwen hasn’t said she’s on a divorce diet, Stefani is known to be dedicated to maintaining her sleek physique with a combination of diet and exercise, reported People.

Singer Gwen Stefani shares secrets to sleek physique.
Singer Gwen Stefani shares secrets to sleek physique.

With three children, Gwen has learned what it takes to melt away the post-pregnancy pounds. Stefani believes in working immediately after the baby is born to achieve her weight loss goals, but she says she’s dieted since sixth grade.

“It’s an ongoing battle and it’s a nightmare. But I like clothes too much,” admitted Gwen of the decision to stay slim rather than indulge.

Stefani eats mostly healthy food, with an occasional treat such as one cookie or a serving of pizza.

Gwen previously worked out with trainer Mike Heatlie, and he told Shape that he advises clients such as Stefani to do cardio workouts combined with weight training, including circuit-training. For diet, he emphasizes the importance of drinking water rather than consuming calories in the form of beverages.

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