Play Any PS Vita Game On PlayStation TV

Have you just recently bought a PlayStation TV and was frustrated to find out that the PS Vita titles you hoped you could play on the PlayStation TV just isn’t possible? We bring you good news.

PlayStation Lifestyle found a simple and easy workaround to play any PS Vita title you want on the PlayStation TV. The hack is actually pretty easy to do on the PlayStation TV, so newbies at working around regular processes won’t find it too difficult to emulate. Euro Gamer has tried emulating the hack on the PlayStation TV and breezed through it without any hitches.

So how exactly does the trick work? Will it ruin your PlayStation TV or your PlayStation Vita? The good news is, no, it won’t mess around with the stuff you shouldn’t be touching on your PlayStation TV. Hack Informer explains that the hack only tricks the PlayStation TV to include games that aren’t primarily whitelisted on the PlayStation TV to be whitelisted, thus enabling it to start.

We do know that some PlayStation Vita games are not included in the PlayStation TV whitelist for a good reason, mainly due to the difference in device capabilities. Take for example Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which wasn’t included in the original whitelisted material for PlayStation TV. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a perfectly good game to play on a bigger screen, but since there is an area in the game where the PlayStation Vita’s camera is required, something that the PlayStation TV won’t be able to replicate, then there’s your answer. But of course, there are other PlayStation Vita games that we would love to see on the PlayStation TV — like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection — which would be just as playable on the PlayStation TV.

Metal Gear Solid HD working on the PlayStation tV
Metal Gear Solid HD working on the PlayStation tV

If you’ll be more comfortable following a step-by-step text guide, then we prepare it for you below, based from the video tutorial created by domthybomb on YouTube.

    1. Download the exploit files to your PC from Gear Nuke.
    2. Download the Thunderbird email client and integrate an email account (preferably Gmail)
    3. In Thunderbird, select the writer.eml file you downloaded as ‘open a saved message.’ Change the recipient to your email and hit send.
    4. Create a new message and import the list_launch_vita.dat file you downloaded and change the subject to ur0:game/launch/list_launch_vita.dat. Rename the attachment as “#0” (without the quotes) and send it to yourself.
    5. You can now transfer from your PC to your PlayStation TV. Run the email client on the PlayStation TV and sync the email you used.
    6. Open the first email you sent. You’ll then get an error message so you have to hit Home and exit the email client completely on your PlayStation TV.
    7. Repeat steps 5 and 7 again.
    8. Done! You can now play any PlayStation Vita title on your PlayStation TV.

As of writing, Sony has yet to respond to this new PlayStation TV exploit, but it’s Sony we’re talking about. We do know they aren’t a fan of homebrews such as this messing with PlayStation’s internal components. But what’s Sony got to lose anyway? They did start the PlayStation TV, so might as well let the users use it to the fullest.

[Images via Sony, domthybomb]