Jackie Evancho Sings For Pope At Festival Of Families, But Pope Wasn't In Audience

Fifteen-year-old Jackie Evancho, who has the "voice of an angel," thought she was going to be performing for Pope Francis on Saturday in Pittsburgh, but the Pope wasn't in the audience. Evancho, who rose to fame after her appearance on America's Got Talent five years ago, sang at the Festival of Families, where Pope Francis was supposed to appear. The Pope did attend the event, but not until later in the evening. During Evancho's performance, the Pope was in his motorcade. Jackie was one of several stars slated to perform for the Pope, including soul legend Aretha Franklin, whom the Pope did see perform.
In the interview above, Jackie is indeed very excited about getting to perform for the Pope, when KDKA's David Highfield asked Evancho if the Pope will be in the audience, she says "I think so. Either way, it's an honor." Evancho's performance, however, was early in the event, before Francis arrived to speak. Evancho's song choices were "When You Wish Upon a Star," "Ave Maria," "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," and "Music of the Night." Jackie gave a stellar performance, even if the Pope did not see it, you can see her entire performance below.
Jackie Evancho has performed almost all of her life. By the time Evancho had performed on America's Got Talent in 2010 when she was only 10-years-old, Jackie had booked singing appearances, entered several talent competitions, released an album, Prelude to a Dream, and had her own YouTube channel. Evancho had also performed in concerts for composers Tim Janis and David Foster, after impressing both composers with her talent. After Jackie placed second on AGT, she was offered a contract with Columbia Records and released her first major album, O Holy Night, which made Evancho the top-selling debut artist for 2010. Since then, Evancho has released four albums, Dream With Me, Heavenly Christmas, Songs From the Silver Screen, and her most recent album, Awakening.

Evancho is a model teen who has been dubbed one of the "Ten Best-Mannered People of 2011" by the The National League of Junior Cotillions. Jackie continues to be well-mannered and is an ambassador for teens everywhere.

Evancho has also gotten into acting. She appeared in Robert Redford's 2012 thriller "The Company You Keep." The amazing soprano singer will most likely stay in the spotlight for years to come with her angelic voice.

Do you think Jackie Evancho should have been the main performer for the Pope's visit to Philly?

[Lead Image via YouTube]