Carmen Montelongo, Samuel Wiggins: 'Snapped' Details Case Of Boyfriend's Dismembered Body Parts Found In Flower Pots, Trash

Traciy Reyes

The Carmen Montelongo and Samuel Wiggins, Ontario, California, dismemberment murder case will be profiled on the next episode of Snapped. Snapped returns every Sunday night to give viewers a glimpse inside the latest homicide case involving women. In tonight's Snapped, the story of Carmen Montelongo will be chronicled. Her story became a feature story in the news in 2011 after she was arrested for killing her lover and dismembering his body. The crime was discovered after someone alerted police that Montelongo was walking down the street with the dismembered parts.

The couple lived in a nice middle class neighborhood in California's Inland Empire area. It's a sleepy town, located east of Los Angeles, that is known for its peaceful surroundings. There was more than a ten year difference between Carmen Montelongo and Samuel Wiggins, but people who knew them as a couple say it didn't make a difference. Sam, as everyone called him, loved the fierce Latina woman. And it appeared, by all accounts, that she loved him, too. But investigators say that all changed about two years later when the couple began fighting all the time.

Friends and family members became concerned after they did not hear from him for a few days, and phone calls went unanswered. That's when police were tipped off to the grisly discovery. Court records show a man called 911 and informed law enforcement officials that Carmen Montelongo, who is also known as Carmen Montenegro, was "carrying a f'**king trash can down the street with body parts in it."

According to the 18-year-old man, Carmen Montelongo came to his home in a frantic state, asking for him and his brother to help her with something that was buried in the backyard. Agreeing to pay the men $5,000 each, they complied until they saw that they were really helping her remove a body from the shallow grave. The smell was so overwhelming that it made the men sick, causing them to flee the home on foot. It was then that Carmen began following them as she pushed the trash can down the street.

Sure enough, when investigators were called to the scene, they located the body parts. Further leads directed them to the home of a relative of Montelongo's, where the man's head was found in a flower pot. There were also other body parts in other flower pots that Carmen had given away as gifts. Read Snapped's tease below. And don't forget to tune in to Oxygen tonight at 9/8 central. The Inquisitr recently covered two other Snapped cases of female killers: Rebecca Salcedo Cleland and Susie Newsome.

"A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushing a trash can full of body parts down the street."