‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Andrew Lincoln Discusses Whether Love Is In Air For Rick And Jessie [Spoilers]

In Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the attraction between Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) and Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) was certainly noticeable. But can love blossom for this couple in Season 6?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about AMC’s The Walking Dead. It also contains spoilers about the comic book series The Walking Dead is based on. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes or are not up to date with the comics.

Season 5 of The Walking Dead saw Rick infatuated with Jessie when his group settled in Alexandria. However, Jessie was married, and Rick, well, he kind of killed Jessie’s husband. So where does this couple stand in Season 6?

Rick Grimes kills Pete in the season 5 finale of AMC's The Walking Dead

While many relationships have their ups and downs, not many couples meet during the zombie apocalypse and then have to face the fact their potential new beau had just killed their husband. Of course, Jessie’s husband, Pete (Corey Brill), was not innocent either, after he killed Reg Monroe (Steve Coulter) with Michonne’s katana. After that happened, Reg’s wife, Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh), issued Rick with the right to execute Pete. So, you know, the zombie apocalypse has its own challenges when it comes to the dating circuit.

According to Andrew Lincoln, fans shouldn’t discount a budding relationship for these two in the new season of The Walking Dead. He admitted to Entertainment Weekly that their first date together after the drama in the Season 5 finale could be “kind of a challenge” but that in the zombie apocalypse, prospective partners are in short supply.

“I was very excited and apprehensive to see the first scene that they got to play. I was very intrigued about how they would address the elephant in the room, which is the dating game, you know? But she’s a terrific actress, and you will see an amazing evolution of her character in a very short space of time… it’s amazing how time heals.”

Considering the Hollywood Reporter announced that Alexandra Breckenridge has recently been promoted to series regular on The Walking Dead, it could certainly indicate that Rick and Jessie work through the bumps in their relationship in Season 6. Although, with the fact there are huge amounts of walkers expected in Season 6, perhaps they choose to gloss over the obstacles within their relationship and concentrate on merely staying alive and uninfected from roaming walker herds, one of which is expected to hit Alexandria right from Episode 1 (entitled “First Time Again”) of The Walking Dead.

Rick Grimes and Jessie in AMC's The Walking Dead

For Walking Dead fans who have also read the comic books the TV series is based on, romance certainly blooms between Rick and Jessie after her husband is killed. However, their relationship is short-lived, not because they break up, but because Jessie gets attacked by walkers after Alexandria is overrun. So, considering the plan for Season 6 to contain large numbers of walkers, it seems Alexandria being overrun and this romance coming to an abrupt end like in the comics is highly likely. Although, AMC has been known to save characters that died in the comics as well as substitute some character deaths with other characters, it’s too early to call Jessie’s death in Season 6 just yet, especially since she has been newly promoted to series regular. But, for Team Richonne fans (Walking Dead fans who want to see Rick Grimes and Michonne hook up), they will be hoping AMC follow the comic book series closely for Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with season 6 on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

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