This Kylie Jenner Demand Could Permanently Dampen Kim Kardashian’s Popularity

Kylie Jenner has shown a lot of determination in following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps, seeing that their big sister has made a huge success of her popularity over the years. In recent times, some of the steps Kylie Jenner has taken have included wearing similar outfits as Kim. Check out the Kim and Kylie Jenner outfit battle pictures here, here and here and see who wore it better.

As the youngest in the family, Kylie Jenner definitely has a lot going for her, which can be attributed to the fact that her elder sisters have, by default, laid the foundation for her in terms of celebrity popularity. They also have significant experience living in the limelight, social media exposure, and making money out of all this.

That said, one of Kylie Jenner’s recent successes has been the launch of her app about two weeks ago. Although she and her sisters launched the apps simultaneously, Kylie’s quickly rose to first place on the iTunes Free Apps chart. She posted a message on Instagram thanking her fans for the support, captioning it as follows.

#1 I can't believe it. I love you guys. Can't wait to post more tomorrow

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Kris Jenner also congratulated Kylie with an Instagram post captioned, “Wow look at you go Kylie!!!!!! Congrats you are amazing!!!!!! #proudmama #workethic #smartgirls #family #love”

Kim also asked Kylie Jenner about how she felt after dethroning her in a vlog titled “You’re in Bed With Kim and Kylie” on Kylie’s site. Kylie Jenner awkwardly refuses to offer a response, but Kim tries to make her feel at ease, saying, “I love it, like, I love it. I need some time off. I mean honey, let’s be real, you’ve got to put in a few more years before you actually dethrone me. But I give my baton to you. Who better to pass on knowledge to my baby sister, rather than a random non-family member.”

The transcript is as reported by Us Magazine.

However, it has been reported that the success of Kylie Jenner’s app has prompted her to make demands to Kris Jenner for her to get more airtime on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, saying it’s her that viewers really want to see. This is according to Radar.

However, if this actually happens, it could mean that Kim may soon start to fade away, as it is KUWTK that actually keeps her in the limelight, spawns controversy, and keeps her fans interested. Of course, her social media selfies are awesome, but it is the combination that works the magic. And seeing Kylie Jenner’s rise in popularity, giving an inch to her could mean working harder to stay relevant.

Of course, the sex tape thing may not really work a second time for Kim, but for Kylie Jenner, it may be a viable last resort to obliterate her sister in the popularity contest. However, it’s still a mystery how the internet may react to this.

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