Electric Cars Will Meet And Exceed Petrol/Diesel Performance Standards By 2020, Self-Driving Cars, Says Elon Musk, Tesla CEO

Elon Musk has announced that at the current rate of battery development, electric cars will have ranges as long as 746 miles. This is due to the 5-10 percent per year improvement made on battery life.

Despite the promise of a green future without fossil fuels, there is talk of a conspiracy against Tesla. Musk himself speaks openly of the favoritism governments pay to petrol and diesel car manufacturers, who receive massive subsidies in relation to the alternative energy sector, which could die out “if the rug is pulled too quickly,” i.e. if subsidies are removed by austerity-driven governments.

“The big car companies and big energy companies have quite sharp elbows … so they try to squash small companies like Tesla.”

The film Racing Extinction is being played now in select theaters across the world.

“Racing Extinction goes high tech and undercover in the world’s most dangerous black markets to expose the untold story of mass extinction. #StartWIth1Thing”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - SEPTEMBER 17: Tom Sepe (L) and Race car driver Leilani Munter pose with a Tesla Model S during the Los Angeles premiere of "RACING EXTINCTION" at The London West Hollywood on September 17, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.
Elon Musk attends the "RACING EXTINCTION" Premiere at The Marc Theater on January 24, 2015 in Park City, Utah.

Environment is a capricious subject, especially in the largest world economy, the United States, whose total energy dependency on fossil fuels is a worrying 84 percent. Renewables make up just 12.9 percent.

The US depends more heavily on coal (39.1%), which is the worst polluter, than any other resource.

Prominent scientists such as Stephen Hawking have already resigned Earth to a future destruction, either at the hands of climate change, or by the many natural disasters which would either destroy all humans or all life on the planet. Efforts to colonize Mars are being driven by the fact that we know that mass killing global events are possible — they have occurred in the past — and are likely to happen within centuries or even decades. If our desertification of the ocean floors and mass poisoning of bees does not kill us, then a meteor or asteroid, perhaps drawn in by a theoretical “evil twin” star, “Nemesis,” which is held responsible for the series of mass extinctions on Earth, or even simple mass contagion (such as a mutated bird/pig/dog influenza) could be our demise.

Elon Musk and other green entrepreneurs are hoping their inventions, especially the refinements of their efficiency, will entice investment and speed up adoption of cleaner technologies for the sake of no less than saving the human race from extinction at hands of climate change.

Here is the calculation for any doubters out there. The thicker the atmosphere of Earth, made so by the burning of carbons like coal, gas, and diesel, the more heat the atmosphere will retain. The hotter the planet, the more carbon is released, making the atmosphere thicker and hotter, as the sun’s heat is trapped. Hence, the so-called runaway greenhouse effect could see Earth’s oceans boil and surface temperatures hot enough to melt iron (as on the planet Venus) if something is not done now.

Thirty percent of greenhouse emissions in the United States are transportation related. Getting this number to zero is just a matter of adopting clean technologies, such as electric cars. Elon Musk is working relentlessly toward this goal.

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