‘Friends’ Reunion At The Emmys: What Matt LeBlanc Did That Joey Tribbiani Would Never Do [Video]

Friends reunion!

Friends fans everywhere have been calling for a reunion of the old gang for years, but it hasn’t happened yet, nor is it going to – at least, not the way fans really want it to happen. But Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc have proven that there is more than one way to have a Friends reunion. The two met up at the Emmys on Sunday and the reunion of the pair was wonderful to watch.

ET‘s Nancy O’Dell was interviewing Matt LeBlanc when Lisa Kudrow walked past them and Matt called her up. The Friends reunion of the pair was so sweet. There were hugs, compliments on each other’s looks, congratulations on their nominations, and (in a very un-Joey-way!) Matt even protectively fixed Lisa’s jacket to make sure she wasn’t showing too much cleavage. ET reported that pair were happy for each other‘s nominations and felt great about their own.

“‘[It feels] great,’ Kudrow reiterated. ‘What else is there to say?'”

The mini Friends reunion gave us a chance to find out how the pair found out about their nominations. It turns out Matt saw the nominations list first and texted Lisa to let her know she had been nominated. That is what good friends do and the pair has definitely remained close ever since their Friends days.

While a real Friends reunion isn’t being planned, clearly Matt and Lisa have been hard at work on their respective shows, Episodes and The Comeback. But are there people who don’t necessarily think Matt deserved the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series award? Maybe Jimmy Kimmel, who presented the award? You can see what you think for yourself.

Matt actually looked pretty angry after the presentation of the award and gave Jimmy Kimmel the finger once Jimmy got back to his seat. While this move wouldn’t make or break any chances of a Friends reunion or cast a shadow on Matt’s career, Jimmy did catch a photo of the moment and tweeted the photo and his apology to Matt.

Friends reunion aside, Matt LeBlanc apparently wasn’t really mad at Jimmy Kimmel on Emmys night. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy Kimmel called the people on Twitter unsophisticated for believing Matt was actually angry.

“Some people on Twitter are not what you would call sophisticated. A lot of them believed that Matt was really mad at me.”

I bet that Twitter comment actually did make some people mad.

[Photo: Entertainment Tonight Youtube Channel]