Struggling Mother Gives Birth To Triplets, Abandons Them Because She Can’t Afford Them

A poverty-stricken mother has resorted to drastic measures in an effort to part ways with her newborn triplets. According to the Yahoo! News, 32-year-old Jeaneta Bente gave birth to the babies at a Romanian hospital, but her time with the newborns was short lived because she reportedly fled the hospital shortly after giving birth.

Several news outlets have reported that the triplets — Alexandra, Isabela, and Christina — have been living in the hospital where they were born for the past three weeks. Bente’s abrupt departure prohibits the children from being adopted because she has not legally turned over her parental rights.

Of course, Bente’s actions have raised lots of questions but, apparently, there’s a reason for her abrupt department. It has been reported that the Romanian mother, who was already a mother of three prior to giving birth to triplets, insists she is financially incapable of taking care of her children.

“I hope people can understand that I just don’t have any possibility to feed or care for them, but I wish them the best and hope they have a better life than I can give them.”

The disheartening story of the abandoned triplets caught the attention of local residents and readers all around the country. Local authorities were able to identify and track down Bente. However, law enforcement agents weren’t the only people searching for her. Local news outlets also sought answers, hoping Bente would explain why she’d chosen to leave her babies.

After being confronted, Bente decided to legally place the babies up for adoption. According to Opposing Views, a different procedure was put in place to obtain the mother’s signature. Since she is reportedly illiterate, her thumbprint was used as a signature. The triplets have now been moved to a children’s home, where they will later be up for adoption.

According to the Daily Mail, there has been an increase in the number of abandoned babies left at the same hospital. Over the past couple years, many of the mothers have cited financial hardship as their reason for abandoning their newborn babies. Local social worker Aurelia Ciresanu recently spoke out with details about the ongoing abandonment problem and the hardships new mothers are facing. “The causes of abandonment are mainly a lack of finances on the behalf of the parent, although there is also a lack of accommodation or support from immediate family which is also often a factor.”

[Photo by George Frey / Getty Images]