‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Keegan Allen Says Fans Will Flip Out

Pretty Little Liars will be advancing five years in a time jump, when the show returns for the second half of the sixth season, and Keegan Allen, who plays Toby Cavanaugh, echoes everyone’s sentiments, as he talks about the time jump being much needed to advance the plot of Pretty Little Liars. Previously, actresses Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse have also commented that it was time to take the Pretty Little Liars cast out of high school and, for some, away from Rosewood.

For Keegan, he feels that it’s long overdue that the Pretty Little Liars characters were advanced beyond high school and the actor reveals that the 6B season of Pretty Little Liars will feel much more adult-oriented with situations that may be dealt with in more mature ways than in previous seasons. Allen says it feels like an entirely different show.

The Pretty Little Liars star told Entertainment Tonight that much has happened during that five year interval, especially with Toby. Keegan also hints that there is some drama (and possibly some trouble), where Toby’s relationship with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) is concerned.

'Pretty Little Liars' fans are waiting to see if there will be more good times for Spoby. Image courtesy of ABC Family.

“For the people that are die-hard fans of the show, I think they are going to flip out,” the Pretty Little Liars actor stressed. “There are a slew of changes and it’s kind of the way you’d want to see the show come together.”

Change is rarely good, where the plot and subplots of Pretty Little Liars are concerned, and just the mere mention of change may already have PLL fans gnawing at their fingernails. How much change are we talking about? Enough to cause tears to flow?

“Tears of insane frustration or joy – I don’t know,” Keegan said coyly. “It depends on what they are looking for.”

On the point which has so many PLL fans waiting on baited breath for the return of Pretty Little Liars, Keegan couldn’t be compelled to spill one bean on the topic of Spoby. Instead, Allen reiterated that Pretty Little Liars has always been a mystery based on those big “A” reveals and, while we may know who “A” is, the next threat is proving to be just as mysterious and just as threatening.

“And without giving away too much, there are so many reveals not just with Spencer and Toby, and not just with Hanna and Caleb, and all these characters, Ezra and Aria, but more so about this story coming together after 5 years — seeing where everybody is at and what really happened,” says Pretty Little Liars‘ Keegan Allen.

As mentioned earlier, Shay Mitchell, Pretty Little Liars‘ Emily Fields, is another member of the cast relieved for the time jump and not just for the more adult-themed outfits and conversations. For Mitchell, it’s about time that their Pretty Little Liars characters traded in the tea for booze.

“So now when us girls are hanging out, we’re not just in a coffee store having to sip coffee and tea,” the Pretty Little Liars actress told AOL News. “Now we’re having drinks, we’re going out, our conversation topics are a little more mature. And thats just fun for all of us… We’re age appropriate to our fans again.”

Ms. Mitchell has found that her Pretty Little Liars character has had a profoundly positive impact on struggling LGBTQ teens, particularly since Emily came out of the closet early in comparison to other LGBTQ characters on television.

Rosewood's cutest couple? Image courtesy of ABC Family.

“Just seeing how much this character has helped fans even just start the conversation with their family and friends, I’m like this is awesome,” says the Pretty Little Liars actress. “It’s one thing to entertain, but to have a small impact on their life is huge.”

Pretty Little Liars resumes with season 6B on Thursday, January 7, 2016, on ABC Family.

[Featured image: Keegan Allen courtesy of Rob Kim/Getty Images]