Jared Fogle: Seemingly Lenient Plea Deal For Lewd Sex Crimes Sparks Outrage

Meaghan Ellis

Former Subway spokesperson, Jared Fogle, is making headlines yet again. While many social media users were outraged over the FBI's findings following a raid of Fogle's home last month, now there's another reason why people are so furious. By now, many readers are aware that Fogle pled guilty to child pornography charges and paying for sex from minors, but his seemingly cushy plea deal for such lewd charges appears to have ruffled some feathers.

According to Radar Online, Fogle has received a five to 12-and-a-half-year prison sentence since he pled guilty to the charges. Now, many social media users are arguing why the seemingly short prison sentence just isn't enough time for the crimes he's committed. Although he'll be forced to pay a hefty restitution penalty and undergo treatment for the rest of his life, his overall sentence has still sparked quite a debate, due to the amount of time he'll actually spend behind bars. The motion filed reported offers details about the controversy Fogle's case has caused.

"Mr. Fogle's case has attracted significant and sustained attention both from media sources covering the case as well as individuals reaching out to Mr. Fogle's attorneys and others to express their views on Mr. Fogle's case. Fogle has asked a judge to seal all information related to his treatment."

In fact, felon inmates have also verbally attacked and ridiculed the judicial system for the leniency Fogle has received. According to Business Insider, inmate Scott Petrie is one inmate who gained public notoriety after writing a letter to U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Walton Prat, who is set to sentence Fogle on November 19. It has been reported that Petrie is urging the judge to reject Fogle's plea deal.

"What a deal. I would have jumped on that too because in about 10 years Mr. Fogle will come out of prison, be a multi-millionaire still and will still like little or young girls... I know, I'm a pedophile, and the only message his plead deal is ending is that if your [sic] rich enough you can play but, it will cost you some money and some time."

"I understand that Mr. Fogle will be paying restitution to the 14 victims, but the fact that he has assets to throw around does not negate him from being punished for his egregious actions and behaviors," he wrote. "Just the fact that he has 14 VICTIMS is enough to consider a sentence far and away than the reported plea agreement."

Regardless of the controversial perspective many people have argued, none of the complaints will have any influence on Fogle's plea deal. According to Fox 59, Fogle is also requesting privacy during this difficult time, in hopes that the results of his medical evaluation will not be disclosed to the public.

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