Kaley Cuoco And Ryan Sweeting Lived In Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom’s Old House

Kaley Cuoco split from Ryan Sweeting after 21 months of marriage. And for most of that time, they lived in the former home of another famously divorced couple: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

There were rumors Cuoco had spiritually “cleansed” the home before she and Sweeting moved in, according to a previous Inquisitr report. Rumors speculated that Cuoco had hired a Feng Shui practitioner to give the home a thorough energy sweep, with some sources saying the Big Bang Theory actress actually hired several spiritual practitioners to rid the home of the tumult that had marked Khloe and Lamar’s time there.

Wetpaint, quoting Showbiz Spy, said Cuoco hired someone to burn sage and Peruvian palo santo wood for their healing effects.

At the time of the reported sale, in January, 2014, Forbes reported that Cuoco and Sweeting were ready to make the home a love nest and were “ignoring the bad juju inside the manse.” The paper also noted that Khloe and Lamar were married after only a month of dating. Us Weekly, reporting on Kaley and Ryan’s split, said the pair were engaged after three months of dating. They tied the knot on New Year’s Eve, 2013.

TMZ reported that Cuoco and Sweeting paid $5.49 million for the 8,000 sq. ft., seven-bedroom mansion in Tarzana, California. That was well over the asking price of $4 million, and a huge profit for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom. They originally bought the house for $3.95 million in 2009.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting divorce
Interior shot of the home Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting bought from Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom (Courtesy of Forbes)

The interior of the home was featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Outside, the house is resort-like, with shrubs and palm trees providing privacy.

Kaley told Domaine magazine over Christmas in 2014 that she loves entertaining, and had tapped interior designer Jeff Andrews to help with her holiday decorating. The magazine included a shot of the couple’s pool table, piled high with gifts.

Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting owned Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's house
Kaley Cuoco's pool table piled high with gifts (Courtesy of Domaine)

The heavy curtains were open and it showed a brighter ambiance than was in the same room when owned by Khloe and Lamar. The dark leather furniture was apparently replaced by at least one chair that is a lighter shade of gray.

Kaley Cuoco redecorated some of Khloe Kardashian's old home
Pool table in home owned by Khloe and Lamar before sale to Kaley and Ryan (Courtesy of Forbes)

After Kaley and Ryan moved into Khloe and Lamar’s old digs, Kaley put her old house on the market, according to TMZ. The Sherman Oaks pad was listed for $2.8 million and had five bedrooms and five baths. It clocked in at a little over 5,000 square feet.

After Khloe split from Lamar, she moved into Justin Bieber’s old house.

Kaley Cuoco turns 30-years-old next month. Although she shot to fame as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, she was previously known to audiences for her role on 8 Simple Rules starring opposite John Ritter. That role started for her back in 2002. In one of the episodes, Kaley and her castmates did a spoof of Ritter’s classic sitcom Three’s Company where Kaley played Suzanne Somers’ dumb blonde role.

Khloe and Lamar finally signed the documents to end their marriage in July, 2015, according to TMZ. That was about a year-and-a-half after Khloe had first filed for divorce in December, 2013. The couple apparently had repeated attempts at reconciliation.

In an ironic twist, Kaley Cuoco’s character of Penny finally married her long-time boyfriend Leonard on the season 9 premiere of The Big Bang Theory. That episode aired on Monday, September 21, less than a week before Cuoco and Sweeting issued a joint statement that they have decided to end their marriage.

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