Heroic Man Rescues Pregnant Dog Belka Buried Alive For Two Days [Video]

A Russian couple in Voronezh rescued a pregnant dog called Belka, buried alive under pavement by builders who apparently couldn’t be bothered to rescue the dog from the hole in the pavement before they sealed it up and repaired the pavement.

The dog was entombed alive underground by workers from the city housing authority for two days, according to the Russian news site MOE-Online.

Belka lost her puppies due to the ordeal, according to RT.

Three weeks before the incident, the street side pavement in front of an apartment block collapsed, leaving a gaping hole in the sidewalk. Residents called the city housing authorities who sent workmen to repair the damage on September 18.

But before the workmen came, a pregnant dog named Belka crawled into the hole for shelter.

Heroic Russian Man Vadim Rescues Pregnant Belka Buried Alive

Residents said that when the workers came they probably noticed that a dog was inside the hole but they were unwilling to make an effort to rescue it. So they simply set to work sealing and repairing the hole, ignoring the dog trapped beneath the pavement.

A couple living in the apartment nearby said they were away from their home for two days. They recalled that the workers arrived and began fixing the damaged pavement as they were leaving.

But when the couple returned, they heard barking from beneath the ground, under their steps.

The shocked couple, Aleksandra and Vadim, drew the attention of their neighbors to the barking and soon confirmed that the workers had entombed a dog underground.

Vadim Rescues Belka Buried Alive Two Days

The couple tried to get their neighbors to help rescue the poor dog but they appeared indifferent to the horrific situation.

“We were shocked. We rushed to ask the neighbors what had happened,” Aleksandra said. “They only told us that the workers had fixed the hole… I don’t believe that they just failed to notice the dog. It’s not a hamster. The workers probably just didn’t want to make an effort and retrieve the animal.”

“The neighbors also proved to be indifferent,” she added. “They understood the poor creature got trapped. But who wants to waste their time, getting their hands dirty? No one cared.”

The couple then tried to contact the authorities, explaining what had happened. But when they got no help, Aleksandra’s partner, Vadim, decided to carry out the rescue on his own.

He set to work removing the pavement tiles, painstakingly. Then he dug into the ground and rescued the thoroughly frightened dog.

Belka reportedly lost her puppies due to the ordeal of being trapped underground for two days without food and water.

Vadim Assists Belka Out Of the Hole

But because it was not clear from Russian media reports how rescuers confirmed that Belka lost her puppies, some readers online expressed concern that Belka might have climbed into the hole to give birth and that her puppies could still be inside the hole.

A reader commenting on RT noted that “There may be puppies down there in the puppy den or inside yet. Do not give up hope but use brain and think like a dog!”

Other readers expressed outrage at the callous behavior of the workers under the assumption that they deliberately left the dog inside the hole to die.

“I hope those workers will fall in a pit and a bulldozer bury them…. just for 2 days.”

“Hope the doggie recovers completely, as for the workers who didn’t bother to get her out, do you sleep at night?”

“Absolutely appalling… I don’t know how do those ‘workers’ sleep at night indeed!”

RT reports that Belka has been taken by a shelter and is recovering under care.

[Images: YouTube screengrab]