Fetty Wap Accident: Updates On Fetty’s Motorcycle Crash, ‘Responsive’ Condition — Kid Says Fetty ‘Flew’ Over Car [Video]

According to TMZ, Fetty Wap has been in a serious motorcycle accident, and the photos show Fetty on the ground and on a stretcher. Apparently, Wap was riding his motorcycle and tried to pass another vehicle but didn’t see a third vehicle, and he ended up crashing. The publication lists the story as developing and likely plans to publish more information about the serious bike crash that injured the rapper/singer, who gained lots of fame this summer from anthems like “Trap Queen” and “My Way” and more. Checking the Fetty Wap label will likely turn up more information about the rapper’s condition as it is published.

According to the Fader, Fetty was “responsive” on the scene, with photos from witnesses showing up on the website showing that at least Wap was conscious after the motorcycle accident.

The Associated Press may update Fetty’s fans as well on his condition, as they did last month when describing how Fetty was greeted with loud applause and cheers when Wap performed a concert high school students in Paterson, New Jersey, his hometown. That was the same location where the motorcycle accident occurred.

Wap’s real name is Willie Maxwell, and he sold 2.2 million copies of “Trap Queen,” which went as high as the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and played on plenty of radio stations this summer. Twitter is exploding as of this writing with tweets about Fetty, ranging the gamut from those spreading the news about his motorcycle accident to those worried about his condition.

There’s plenty of concern from those who hope that the breakout superstar is okay and can recover from the motorcycle accident. TMZ reports that Fetty is being treated at a local hospital. With interesting timing comes this motorcycle crash, because Fetty had just released his self-titled debut album the day prior, as reported by Hip Hop Wired.

Also, checking Google News for the most updated reports about Fetty under his real name and his stage name should also prove fortuitous to get the latest updates about the rapper’s condition. Although TMZ called the motorcycle accident serious and Wap did appear to have blood on him in the photos shown, the rapper was still awake, as reported by the publication.

Meanwhile, folks are expressing their thoughts on Twitter about the Wap accident.

“Prayers go out to Fetty Wap! All you riders out there…keep both eyes on the road! ;)”

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