Car Wraps With Ads: People Making $400 To $600 Monthly To Drive Around In A Vehicle Wrapped In Ads

When one hears the term “vehicle wrap” or “car wraps,” they might think of the car wrapping available that changes the paint job colors on vehicles to something spectacular. Indeed, a search for the #carwrap hashtag on Instagram turns up a lot of curious creations, like a car wrapped in an elaborate design that comes with a warning to beware of zombies.

However, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, there’s a new type of car wrap available that allows people who get their cars wrapped to get paid while driving around in those wrapped cars. That car wrap is from Wrapify, a company that facilitates the space between people who want to get paid for driving around with advertisers’ brands on their cars and those same advertisers who are willing to paying the people driving around like moving billboards.

According to the company’s video, would-be drivers can apply to the Wrapify website and, if accepted, can select to have their full vehicle wrapped in ads, only part of it, or just sport an advertiser’s panel. In order to sign up, users must go to the Wrapify site and sign up as a new user, then verify their email address as their own. After that’s done, they next must download the Wrapify app and drive around for at least 50 to 100 miles first. Doing so will tell the app important information about where their advertisers’ ads will be seen — and likely give them enough information to determine the person’s driving habits and locale to see if it’s worth it to bring them on as a driver.

However, those aren’t the only requirements. The Wrapify app requires drivers to be at least 21 years of age with a spotless driving record. Plus, they need to drive a car that’s at least a 2008 model or newer — but they can own or lease the vehicle. According to the app, people can make a varying amount of money via the ad wraps. For example, a San Diego driver might pull down $400 to $600 per month by sporting a full wrap on their vehicle, if they are driving the average 25-mile round trip commute.

“With plans ranging from a three month trial to year-long contract, and safeguards to protect your personal information, Wrapify is the easiest way to make money short of finding it in the street.”

Not bad for folks who don’t mind driving around like billboards, and those who actually believe in the products they are pitching.

[Image via Wrapify]