Putting ‘FIFA 16’ Vs ‘PES 2016’ To The Test

FIFA 16 hits shelves this week, and millions of FIFA fans all over the world are rejoicing. But the ultimate question remains: Is it really better than Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PES 2016)? This Inquisitr writer put the two hottest football games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to the test, and you can decide which one has bested the other.

Huge football fans are all about nailing the quirks of the game and of the players. Both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 attempted to create the most realistic gameplay and players they could muster for the latest installments, and both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 delivered quite nicely.

In terms of player physics, this year’s PES 2016 has far surpassed its predecessor. Understanding the players is the key to winning PES 2016 since the game understands the players, their centers of gravity, and their gameplay. The physics system is astounding, more responsive, and more exciting. ITV News reports that in PES 2016, your players can clatter into one another, and barging against an opponent is just like the real deal. FIFA 16 falls behind PES 2016 in this manner, but we do note that in FIFA 16, the PS4 controller vibrates when your players get clattered, and the net ripples very nicely when you score a goal.

FIFA 16 gameplay VS PES 2016
FIFA 16 gameplay VS PES 2016

The last installment in the PES series offered numerous issues in its passing, but PES 2016 is fixing all that. PES 2016’s fluid one-touch passes gives it a real boost, partnered with its enhanced team intelligence to execute an easier pass. FIFA 16 has also improved drastically from FIFA 15 with the “fast pass,” a speedy pass move that allows you to pass the ball along the ground with the R1 button. Be wary of using this, though, since it’s not a fool-proof pass that can be used in all FIFA 16 players.

Do you recall FIFA 15’s easy goal-scoring tactics? In FIFA 15, pass the ball to your fastest player and let him run like mad to the goal and you nailed that shot. In FIFA 16, you have to figure out a new way to beat those hard defenses since the gameplay is given a more realistic touch. Hitting a power shot is also better with FIFA 16, with volleys hitting new heights than before. PES 2016 will not let you down, however, with moves like Thierry Henry’s nailed beautifully if you know what you’re doing. You will notice that in PES 2016, stockier players feel like they are lighter on their feet and leaner players could weave in and out better than others.

Digital Spy notes that if you’re a sucker for licenses, PES 2016 will make you sacrifice a bit. The wrong color kits for the teams at launch are quite embarrassing, like seeing Chelsea in yellow and Arsenal in orange. Playing PES 2016 will make you start with last season’s squads. But in fairness to PES 2016, in comparison to FIFA 16, it will bring a couple of exclusives like the Champions League and the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Also, PES 2016 is introducing an improved editing and importing feature to make up for its failures in the licenses. FIFA 16, with its official licenses, doesn’t quite need all the editing perks. And we do know that women players are gearing up for FIFA 16 and that Brazilian teams are back on play, so those are two things to look forward to in FIFA 16.

The debate surround graphics is always a hot topic, especially when you’re paying a lot of money to get a decent flatscreen TV for your gaming system. Candyland puts the PS4 gameplays of PES 2016 and FIFA 16 back to back on a YouTube video, and here are the results.

PES 2016 is a huge development from its predecessor when it comes to graphics, so kudos to Konami for that. But seeing the PES 2016 and FIFA 16 in action, FIFA 16 does look more beautiful, while PES 2016 looks more realistic. Messi is used as a test subject, and up close we can see how FIFA 16 and PES 2016 recreated the famous player.

Lionel Messi recreated
Lionel Messi recreated

Overall, no one can really pinpoint which is the better title since both have their perks and problems. Which is your favorite so far, FIFA 16 or PES 2016?

Both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 are available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

[Images via Konami and Candyland Youtube video]