'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel's Marriage, Canceled Engagements, & Arrests

Well, at least he's consistent. Southern Charm's Thomas Ravenel has ducked more than one marriage and got out of one too after mere months. Now that he's expecting another baby with Southern Charm co-star Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, it's become evident that he has no interest in a commitment, other than perhaps fatherhood.

According to the Inquisitr, Ravenel has not yet committed to Season 3 of Southern Charm, but it hasn't stopped him from trading on the name. Ravenel allegedly met a woman on Facebook (while Dennis was pregnant with their son) and offered to get her on the show in exchange for a weekend in Florida. Outside the hotel, they were confronted on tape by the woman's boyfriend.

According to okhereisthesituation.com, Ravenel was first married to Mary Ryan Ravenel in 1995, but they separated soon after, formally divorcing in 1998. Then, as he tells it, he fell for a "beverage cart girl," Candace Yearwood, and they got engaged. He then jilted her the day before the wedding due to her "low social status."

He was then engaged in 2011 to Danielle Tosi of New York, according to Bustle, who he then sued to get back his engagement ring. He did not get the ring back, but a settlement occurred.

WISTV reported that Ravenel resigned as South Carolina treasurer after he was found guilty of cocaine possession with intent to distribute, though he claims he wasn't selling it, but sharing it with friends.

"First I'd like to say I'm deeply disappointed in myself for -- of the circumstances surrounding my presence here today due to the personal mistakes I've made in my life. Second most important, I want to offer a heartfelt apology to the state of South Carolina, to the people of South Carolina and to my family. I am deeply sorry. Now, in the best interest of our state I believe I must resign the position, Treasurer in the state of South Carolina, and I have so informed the governor that effective as of today, I do resign."
According to the Post and Courier, in 2014, while filming Southern Charm, Ravenel had his South Carolina license suspended after being convicted of drunk driving in New York, though he told the paper, in the third person, that he was not drunk at the time.

"When I'm wrong I admit it — and make it right. That's what Thomas Ravenel does," he said.

"In this situation, however, I emphatically reject the allegations of intoxication and erratic driving. As I told the arresting officer — who I respect for doing his job — I had a beer at the club and a glass of wine prior to that at dinner. I was not drunk, and I look forward to making my case in court."

Fans should look into what kind of mischief in which Ravenel will find himself during Season 3 of Southern Charm.

Do you think Thomas Ravenel will participate in this season of Southern Charm?

[Photo courtesy of Bravotv]