Cannabis Forest In London: Scotland Yard Trudges Through Wasteland To Reach Neatly Cultivated Farm The Size Of A ‘Football Pitch’

Scotland Yard has found a “forest” of cannabis plants in London. The cultivation is roughly the size of a football pitch.

A neatly nurtured plantation of cannabis, or marijuana plants, was discovered in London by Scotland Yard police officers. Though the size of the farm is a rough estimation, officials have counted about 150 plants, many of which have grown more than five feet tall and tower over some of the officials who visited the site, which wasn’t easy to access in the first place.

Speaking about the discovery, PC Sarah Henderson, of Kingston borough made the following statement.

“The area these plants were growing on was the size of a football pitch, it looked like a small forest of Christmas trees and was complete with a gazebo. Whoever set this up used a really remote spot. The only way to get there was a 20 minute walk through wasteland. But all their time, trouble and gardening skills will go unrewarded, as the whole lot will now be destroyed by police.”

The forest lay in an obscure location in Kingston, in the southwest of the capital, separated from civilization by a huge swath of wasteland. However, despite its neatly hidden location, its expanse is quite big, with the forest reaching just a few streets away from university halls of residence and a sixth-form college, reports the Daily Mail.

The cannabis plantation was discovered accidentally by members of the public, whose identities are being closely guarded, since cannabis cultivators are known to target whistleblowers.

Getting creative with their extraordinary find, images of the “cannabis forest,” were uploaded on Twitter by the investigating officers.

Though it cannot be corroborated, the crime rates in the area, especially in the vicinity of the cannabis forest, have suddenly escalated and police aren’t sure what could have been the cause. Now, they suspect there could be a connection. A temple in the region has been broken into a couple of times and Scotland Yard is checking if the marijuana had anything to do with it.

While possession of marijuana is increasingly being decriminalized in America, it is still illegal in the UK. Classified as a Class B drug, anyone growing cannabis can be sentenced to 14 years in prison plus a hefty fine, while possession can get you jailed for about five years.

Scotland Yard doesn’t know who grew the cannabis forest in London and have requested the local population to aid in the investigation.

[Photo by Kevin Cummins/Getty Images]