Baby Lion King Roars: Adorable Lion Cub Practices His Future Roar, Gives The ‘Littlest Roar’ Ever [Video]

Watch the moment that an itsy-bitsy “Baby Lion King” tries to practice his future roar but fails, woefully, to get it right. Rather than intimidate with the majestic roar that chills the hearts of the king of jungle’s subjects, this adorable little cub lets out a tiny squeak that only makes you want to say, “awwww!”

The video shows a cute lion cub climbing onto pavement from the grass. He walks across the pavement and pauses briefly, pulls himself up and opens his mouth wide to try his hand at giving the majestic roar of the king of the jungle.

Just like little Simba in the Disney movie, the cub fails to impress anyone but himself with the squeaking sound he makes. The little lion actually appears startled by the sound of his own adorable whimper. He perks up an ear and looks momentarily surprised, as if saying, “Was that really me?”

Not willing to give up at the first effort, he tries once again to proclaim his majesty as the king of the jungle, but he fails even more spectacularly. He makes yet another attempt without improvement, and finally coming to the conclusion that it just isn’t his day, he shrugs off the embarrassment of failure and wanders off casually.

Fortunately, little Simba still has plenty of time to get his roar right. Even Mufasa was once a cub. All he needs to do at his age is drink plenty of milk, grow fast and soon enough his roar would be heard for miles around.

Baby Lion King Practices His Future Roar

The heartwarming video showing the little cub attempting, rather prematurely, to express his inner Lion King was first uploaded to YouTube on May 19, 2015 by YouTube user Bigmania, but has only recently gone viral with more than 800,000 views. It was re-posted by user Chubbyfish on September 23 and has been viewed more than 1.6 million times in only two days.

“Baby Lion King” has charmed the hearts of thousands online. But, not everyone has been swayed. A viewer unimpressed with the little cub’s attempt to intimidate, has said he sounds more like a lamb. Many other YouTube users have given kinder comments that encourage the little cub to keep trying, assuring him that one day he will get it right.

“Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Baby sounding roars!”

“Yes. Cool cat!!”

“Hang in there li’l fela, someday you too will be heard from miles away.”

One viewer’s comment referenced the murder of Cecil the lion, saying, “keep him away from the d*****bag dentist.” It elicited amused responses.

“Hahahhahaha, clearly the funniest comment under the video.”

Others could not resist warning viewers about what the cub would grow up to become, noting, “He’ll become a ruthless, but very cute, killer.”

Unfortunately, the video description on YouTube contains no information about where the cub was filmed and when.

The female lion (Panthera leo) usually gives birth to a litter of one to four cubs weighing 1.2-2.1 kg (2.6-4.6 lb). Cubs are born blind and open their eyes for the first time when they are about one week old. They are unable to walk at birth, but learn to crawl short distances a day or two after birth. They take their first steps at about three weeks.

The nursing female usually isolates herself from her pride until her cubs are about six to eight weeks old.

The male cub will grow from about 1.5 kg at birth to an average weigh of about 190 kg at 3 years old when they reach full maturity.

[Photo by Bigmania/YouTube]