Zombie Apocalypse is Nigh? Blog Post Lays Out the Evidence

A zombie apocalypse is almost permanently on the lips and keyboards of web users worldwide, and for some reason the trope of impending armageddon is one that remains firmly entrenched in our collective psyche.

Zombie apocalypse is just one doomsday scenario of many that we consider (nuclear accident, plague and pestilence, or the election of Donald Trump to public office are other potential world-ending precipitates), and despite its relative implausibility, it’s one to which we return to plan our arsenal, bug out bag, escape route, and potential and sex-guaranteeing rescue of an object of our affection. (See Shaun of the Dead.)

So it was with no small measure of nervous giggling a series of zombie apocalypse-esque stories have been trending on social media in recent weeks, and despite the gruesome nature of many, Facebook and Twitter users can’t help but make references to the seemingly imminent arrival of Z-Day.

The most zombieriffic story to trend this week of course was that of the face-eater in Miami who continued eating a man’s face even after he was shot once by police, police who presumably have watched Zombieland and know to double-tap.

Then there was the man in New Jersey who began throwing bits of his own entrails at police officers, and was not subdued by pepper spray.

Pepper Spray Police Placed On Leave

Two stories that really do sound like the start of Jersey Shore of the Dead to be sure, but wait, there’s more. Also in Florida, a doctor was arrested and began spitting blood at the officers taking him into custody, also impervious to standard methods of restraint.

Also, there is the radioactive sushi. I don’t know about you guys, but if a police chief that looks like George Romero gets on the news and tells me that reports that the dead have begun walking are internet rumors, I’m stocking up on baseball bats and scythes and heading up to Woodstock, who’s with me?

You can read a collection of all this month’s terrifying, zombie apocalypse signaling news over at this guy’s blog, via Gawker.